The obligatory blur post.

So it’s a meme.

I apologise. 

It’s just that right now, my brains are fried from too much reading and sub-editing. It isn’t fun when you are working on four products simultaneously, each with a set of problems and processes to go through. (It doesn’t help when one of the top-gun walks up to you and gives you that “are you mad” look when you tell him/her that you’re doing that.) O’well, best to make flowers out of the shit people hand to you.

At least now I know that I have the strength and guts to say “no” when next month comes along.

I am who I am – warts and all.
I just finished working on three products and right now, it’s break time. No Kit-Kats, I’m afraid.
I said “Make flowers out of shit people give you.”
I want a holiday, some Taiwanese pancake, a turtle AND lots of free DVDs.
I wish I didn’t have to work on these blasted products in such a rushed manner or wonder how/why/when the Ex is going to finally tell me that he has a job and what it is instead of pretending that he’s unemployed.
I hate driving 74km every day.
I miss Nil, Paris, Aria (my guinea pig) and Flame II (my Siamese fighting fish).
I fear that I’m going to miss Nil too much – more than I can bear – when he goes away and home.
I hear that She is still going around telling people that *I* did terrible things to her like stalk her. AS IF I HAVE THE TIME. (Pretentious bytch.)
I wonder when I’ll ever get married and lead a less hectic life.
I regret not slapping the Ex, his buddy and She when I had the chance. Damnit, I should have created my own chance.
I am only human.
I sing whenever I’m light-hearted and light-headed.
I cry a few days before my menses.
I am almost always worried about something somewhere.
I made origami hearts.
I write whenever I am not burdened by the writer’s block – free or not, it doesn’t matter.
I confused myself once by sending an email meant for person A to person B. Gah.
I need lots and lots of…relaxation.
I should be getting reading to go home.
I start my day with a yawn, a snuggle and a hello. It’s good to be alive.
I finish my nights by telling myself that if I don’t wake up tomorrow, it’s okay. I lived life.

Well, do this if you like. Don’t do it if you like. It’s okay.

After all, it’s a meme.

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