The quiet lull.

So really.

Things have been going bonkers at work. Suddenly I’m super swamped with work – so much so that I find myself working on the weekends from home and from Singapore. Can’t make this a regular thing though. Lets just say that my wallet ain’t exactly jumping up for joy whenever I work OT. So yes, I’d rather have some free time to myself over the weekends in order to LIVE A LIFE.

Sometimes I don’t think I’ll ever understand managerial decisions and no matter what people say, there is always, ALWAYS a glass ceiling between you and your supervisor/boss/whoever you report to even though you guys started on the same footing. It just feels weird, that’s all.

Nil’s leaving in less than a month’s time. He just got a number of his visas done and lo’ and behold, we are discussing about how long he’ll stay when he comes back from his trip (before he goes off to France). In my head, I see long distance looking in the horizon. There’s not much to do but hold the fort and make sure the plumber, who regulates my tear ducts, doesn’t attempt to even take annual leave when Nil eventually goes home. This is horrifying.

On the side, I just got three brand new French comics and a spanking glossy French book for children (it was a gift from Nil). It’ll definitely come in handy. That’s if I can bring myself to make some free time (even at home) in order to read it.

As you will notice now, I’m babbling. Have no idea what to say, have no idea what to blog about. The fiasco regarding Menj? Nah…there is such a thing as overkill, you know. There is the ex but don’t know much these days and frankly, news about him does tend to get a bit old. His sister? No. Really, no. Mum going on an Alaskan cruise for 17 days? I’m envious but I hope she has heaps of fun and Dad, being at home, doesn’t torture me too much.

On the side, I suddenly dreamt of buying pet hamsters and turtles three times in a row. Feel like getting a fish or hamster or turtle now. Gack.

Is this quiet or what?

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