Not quite how I envisioned it…

Nah…I don’t want a big wedding or a poofy gown that makes me look like a plump Cinderella. I don’t want big huge ass photoshopped wedding portraits as well. And seriously, I don’t really like the idea of entertaining people I don’t know during my wedding dinner.

BUT no gown, no dinner and no pictures?

…Just a dress from Phenomenal (if I can squeeze into those), a quick trip to the registrar and a dinner-kenduri style for family & close friends at my house.

Honestly, it wasn’t exactly how I envisioned my wedding to be – I had dreamt of a garden wedding with white lilies, creamy Lincoln roses and dark rich wine sprinkles of colour, tastefully taken yet very candid wedding shots and a very much Western wedding party after for just family and close friends.

Something simple and very tasteful.

Now it has gone from that to super budget (parents paying feels weird and we don’t have a very big egg nest with all the possibility of moving abroad and stuff).


O’well…at least I got the token wedding ring. The rest? They can come later…when we have more cash to spare.

*cheers up*

Btw, in case you’re wondering, I got the “when I find a job, I’ll marry you” from Nil. It’s not a question outright simply because we’ve been talking (or at least me) about marriage for so long that it has become a given. It would have been nice if he asked but I know him. (He got upset when I went “Yeeaaahhh right.”).

ps: Parents have no idea yet and I’m not telling.

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  1. Weddings are usually meant for the parents of both sides. Me and wifey tried to reduce those from happening and i guessed we kinda managed it well. Had a balance of friends and family (which we knew) coming and sharing with us the day.,

    nah, no super budget and didn’t burn any holes anywhere.


  2. Congrats!! Whether it’s a proper proposal or not, the statement means wedding bells are definitely coming in the future for you. So happy for you! ((hugs))

  3. Hey if your house has a garden you can sill do the garden thing girl. I say splurge on the flowers. They really do make the difference.

    Congrats woman. Welcome to my side of the grass 🙂

  4. :hugs: YAY!!! Congrats!!! Actually, I know exactly what u mean – it was the same for me n Ted too. ;;)

  5. Hey all! Wahlaueh. Not quite the full-blown, 100% confirmed proposal yet la…*damnshywei*

    (As if that will stop me from thinking what dress to buy!)


  6. congrats mabel! 🙂 he finally popped half of the big question aye? hehe. sorry for not leaving comments for a while now. bene busy with life and all. Well, seems like your life is moving on great….hehee…french lessons too. 🙂 what’s next? learning french cooking and moving to france? LoL . take care ya mei.


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