Le Feu

He’s the latest addition to my family…since Saturday, that is.

I am not too sure if he’s just a regular fighting fish breed even though he kinda looks like a halfmoon and he definitely wasn’t cheap.

The tank, at the moment, is pretty bare – I’m looking to get another “taller” plant to offer Le Feu some better hiding spot and a bit of an obstacle course for his swimming. I reckon it should be just alright by then.

He is quite shy, choosing to flare up at his neighbour, the black leather couch and when he sees my finger, he follows it EVERYWHERE. I have yet to see him blow bubbles the way my previous fighting fish did…but I’m keeping my fingers cross. He’s still adjusting to living with me.

So why the name “Le Feu”? Easy. Because he’s a firey red. Take a look-see.

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I hate them. Fresh peas, that is. I can never seem to chew down on those tiny little round green balls. I just swallow them.

That’s how I tackle peas.

Except for the ocassional wasabi flavoured pea snack. Baked peas? No problemo. Bring them on, I say! I found one of the best pea snacks in the heart of Paddy’s Market. Pity I get tired of chowing down on crunchy peas after a day or two.

Salad is still a better option.

Peas are just fun if you’re looking for a veggie that you can use to annoy the heck out of people. (Hey, you sure can’t shoot a piece of iceberg from a straw. Only peas!)

Anyway, if you’re wondering why I’m talking about peas, don’t ask. It’s just for fun…unless of course, you think I’m talking about a different kind of pea.

Sorry, I haven’t turned bi yet.


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X-Men III: The Disappointment.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

I’ve been following this comic series (and the growth of its characters) since I was a kid – always dreaming that someday, somehow, I would have some supernatural powers. (Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to teleport like Kurt Wagner, aka Nightcrawler? I could sure use the extra money that I’d save from my trip up to work.) My favourites are and still have been Prof X, and Jean Grey (before she became the Dark Phoenix).

So you may have guessed that I’ve been looking forward to this “episode” of the X-Men series. X-Men I and II were alright, even though there were several flaws. Everything was cool – the fighting scenes, the characters, etc…

But this third instalment was such a HUGE disappointment.

It was flawed, I felt, to a certain degree- well a huge degree…

  • The way Mystique lost her powers – I don’t even recall that happening in the comics. Hm.
  • The way Cyclops “disappeared” – Hey, he wasn’t even supposed to die, goddamnit!
  • Magneto becoming human through a cure?!? WTF.
  • Wolverine going all mushy and killing Jean Grey? That was supposed to be Scott Summers’ job, man.
  • Kitty wasn’t supposed to be this sassy OR having a little something with Bobby. It was Collosus she was in love with and finally married.
  • Rogue was never in love with Bobby, to begin with, and she certainly never thought of being human. Heck, she was Mystique’s protege prior to joining the X-Men.
  • While battling the Dark Phoenix, Prof X DID NOT DIE.
  • Juggernaut was supposed to be BIG AND FAT and AWESOME. In the movie, he was just another muscular guy who lacked meanness. Btw, he was supposed to be his own man, not under Magneto (at least that’s what I know, so far). Oh, he isn’t MUTANT. He got his powers from some “magical” item.
  • Jamie Maddox was supposed to be one of the good guys, damnit. ~_~
  • As for Archangel, he never left home. He joined the school and was one of Prof X’s students.

I could go on and on about the flaws of this film. It just pissed the hell out of me – the previous ones though flawed were more true to the comic series. What the hell was the director and producer thinking?

It is supposed to be X-Men not a film influenced by it or an adapted film of the X-Men. (If you must change it, then change the goddamn name and characters as well.)


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The obligatory blur post.

So it’s a meme.

I apologise. 

It’s just that right now, my brains are fried from too much reading and sub-editing. It isn’t fun when you are working on four products simultaneously, each with a set of problems and processes to go through. (It doesn’t help when one of the top-gun walks up to you and gives you that “are you mad” look when you tell him/her that you’re doing that.) O’well, best to make flowers out of the shit people hand to you.

At least now I know that I have the strength and guts to say “no” when next month comes along.

I am who I am – warts and all.
I just finished working on three products and right now, it’s break time. No Kit-Kats, I’m afraid.
I said “Make flowers out of shit people give you.”
I want a holiday, some Taiwanese pancake, a turtle AND lots of free DVDs.
I wish I didn’t have to work on these blasted products in such a rushed manner or wonder how/why/when the Ex is going to finally tell me that he has a job and what it is instead of pretending that he’s unemployed.
I hate driving 74km every day.
I miss Nil, Paris, Aria (my guinea pig) and Flame II (my Siamese fighting fish).
I fear that I’m going to miss Nil too much – more than I can bear – when he goes away and home.
I hear that She is still going around telling people that *I* did terrible things to her like stalk her. AS IF I HAVE THE TIME. (Pretentious bytch.)
I wonder when I’ll ever get married and lead a less hectic life.
I regret not slapping the Ex, his buddy and She when I had the chance. Damnit, I should have created my own chance.
I am only human.
I sing whenever I’m light-hearted and light-headed.
I cry a few days before my menses.
I am almost always worried about something somewhere.
I made origami hearts.
I write whenever I am not burdened by the writer’s block – free or not, it doesn’t matter.
I confused myself once by sending an email meant for person A to person B. Gah.
I need lots and lots of…relaxation.
I should be getting reading to go home.
I start my day with a yawn, a snuggle and a hello. It’s good to be alive.
I finish my nights by telling myself that if I don’t wake up tomorrow, it’s okay. I lived life.

Well, do this if you like. Don’t do it if you like. It’s okay.

After all, it’s a meme.

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The quiet lull.

So really.

Things have been going bonkers at work. Suddenly I’m super swamped with work – so much so that I find myself working on the weekends from home and from Singapore. Can’t make this a regular thing though. Lets just say that my wallet ain’t exactly jumping up for joy whenever I work OT. So yes, I’d rather have some free time to myself over the weekends in order to LIVE A LIFE.

Sometimes I don’t think I’ll ever understand managerial decisions and no matter what people say, there is always, ALWAYS a glass ceiling between you and your supervisor/boss/whoever you report to even though you guys started on the same footing. It just feels weird, that’s all.

Nil’s leaving in less than a month’s time. He just got a number of his visas done and lo’ and behold, we are discussing about how long he’ll stay when he comes back from his trip (before he goes off to France). In my head, I see long distance looking in the horizon. There’s not much to do but hold the fort and make sure the plumber, who regulates my tear ducts, doesn’t attempt to even take annual leave when Nil eventually goes home. This is horrifying.

On the side, I just got three brand new French comics and a spanking glossy French book for children (it was a gift from Nil). It’ll definitely come in handy. That’s if I can bring myself to make some free time (even at home) in order to read it.

As you will notice now, I’m babbling. Have no idea what to say, have no idea what to blog about. The fiasco regarding Menj? Nah…there is such a thing as overkill, you know. There is the ex but don’t know much these days and frankly, news about him does tend to get a bit old. His sister? No. Really, no. Mum going on an Alaskan cruise for 17 days? I’m envious but I hope she has heaps of fun and Dad, being at home, doesn’t torture me too much.

On the side, I suddenly dreamt of buying pet hamsters and turtles three times in a row. Feel like getting a fish or hamster or turtle now. Gack.

Is this quiet or what?

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The dream

A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you’re fast asleep
In dreams you lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for, you keep

Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling thru
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true
– Cinderella, 1950

Something is not right when all you can watch are Disney remakes of fairy tales like Cinderella and Snow White; and the only songs that really seem to touch your heart are One Song (Snow White), Someone’s Waiting for You (The Rescuers), A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Cinderella), Part of Your World (Little Mermaid) and so forth.

The heart is lonely. Really.

It has been three weekends now since I last saw Nil and part of me aches. I wonder how I’ll ever cope with him going away for nearly two months (and the possibility of a long distance relationship). I’m looking forward to next weekend’s visit down to Singapore but oh, it seems so long now, the wait.


Right now, the heart dreams of one thing and it is to be in the arms of the one I love again…

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An email to his folks…

Salut (insert names),
Merci pour ton email et desolée for not replying earlier. J’ai eu beacoup de travaille dans deux ou trois semaine dernier après mes vacances. C’est tres fou à mon bureau! (There was restructuring and I changed places – my workstation/table – again – this is the fourth time in eight months!)
Samedi dernier, j’ai aidé mon frère à déménager; sa nouvelle maison est plus près chez moi. La maison est grande mais un peu sale parce qué il y avait beaucoup de rénovation. (He installed solar panels for hot water, awnings for a porch and airconditioning – all in one day!) J’étais chez lui toute la journée. Dimanche, je suis restée à la maison et j’ai regardé la télé. Il ne s’est rien pas.
Lundi, parce qué c’est jour férié (il y avais le jour de travaille), je n’ai pas travaillé. YAY! Je suis toujours contente quand je n’ai pas travaillé! ^.^
C’était un weekend calme!
Apart from that, my French classes have been good. It is getting harder – am now learning imparfait together with passe composé and a few other things. But enjoying it a lot! There is also knitting and watching some French films – Trois Couleurs: Rouge/Bleu/Blanc.
Life is good and quiet, and I’m hardly complaining!
How are things?

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Not quite how I envisioned it…

Nah…I don’t want a big wedding or a poofy gown that makes me look like a plump Cinderella. I don’t want big huge ass photoshopped wedding portraits as well. And seriously, I don’t really like the idea of entertaining people I don’t know during my wedding dinner.

BUT no gown, no dinner and no pictures?

…Just a dress from Phenomenal (if I can squeeze into those), a quick trip to the registrar and a dinner-kenduri style for family & close friends at my house.

Honestly, it wasn’t exactly how I envisioned my wedding to be – I had dreamt of a garden wedding with white lilies, creamy Lincoln roses and dark rich wine sprinkles of colour, tastefully taken yet very candid wedding shots and a very much Western wedding party after for just family and close friends.

Something simple and very tasteful.

Now it has gone from that to super budget (parents paying feels weird and we don’t have a very big egg nest with all the possibility of moving abroad and stuff).


O’well…at least I got the token wedding ring. The rest? They can come later…when we have more cash to spare.

*cheers up*

Btw, in case you’re wondering, I got the “when I find a job, I’ll marry you” from Nil. It’s not a question outright simply because we’ve been talking (or at least me) about marriage for so long that it has become a given. It would have been nice if he asked but I know him. (He got upset when I went “Yeeaaahhh right.”).

ps: Parents have no idea yet and I’m not telling.

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