PREVIEW: Sydney, April ’06


Now, now. Before you start asking for heaps of photo or the link to my photo album for this trip, please understand this:

I just got back!

As of four hours ago.

thegap_b cronulla_01 cruise_day3a

But I’m not exactly mean. I managed to edit some of the 175 photos (excluding the 200-over that Nil took with his camera) and put them online…just so you get a preview of the trip and how it went.

thegap_a manly_04

Stories, travel tips, shopping bargins and what-nots will come. At least the stories will – that’s definite! But when? I honestly don’t know.



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  1. woohoo!!! \:d/ congrats on WP2 and woman, u make me SO envious!! i can’t wait to go back there in june (i hope), cronulla, here i come!!!! :)>-

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