Reading religions.

I didn’t know what to blog about, so I decided to do some link whoring. (Don’t know whether to laugh to cry.)

Things I have been reading about – mostly from Wikipedia (I’m such a Wiki-nerd!):

(I’m sure you’re beginning to see a trend here.)

So, why am I reading about religions/cults/sects?

Because someone somewhere had the audacity to suggest that “Allah” is just another word in the dictionary and that if Islamic teachings are the same as Christian teachings, us Christians should adopt them into our daily practices and beliefs too (and vice-versa).

Sorry, but I respect Islam enough to NOT just dismiss “Allah” as just another word referring to God AND respect both faiths enough to know that while certains things are similar, they are essentially different and should not inter-marry as suggested.

I just don’t feel comfortable using the word “Allah” in my faith and beliefs as a Christian.

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  1. Hey…John Milton’s “Paradise Lost, Paradise Found” is my all time favourite poem. I think in all aspects the one line there that can summerise this entire religion debate insanity is this.

    “You have fought the better fight”

    It’s not about who is right or wrong because in this debate, there are no right or wrong. There is just a better way than staying on arguments like that. I like to choose the better fight and stay away from it. It does no one good.

  2. “Allah” IS the Arabic word for God – the idea is that God is All-Encompassing, and that Christians, Jews, and Muslims all pray to the same God. (This is excluding polytheists, because the belief is that there is only 1 God.) It’s not a separate being, because that goes against the whole only-one-God thing by implying there are other gods.

    So whoever told you that is correct.

  3. Ed: I should have just shut up and agree to these people, huh?

    Tiara: I KNOW that. What I meant was that the concept of God and the position he holds in either religion is different. Imagine starting off a prayer with “Dear Allah” and ending with “Your son, Jesus Christ”. Hence why we use “Tuhan” in Malay translations of the Bible. But that’s just my opinion.

  4. Isn’t that what the Indonesian Christians do? IIRC, their bible refers to “God” as “Allah” due to language.

  5. Oh yeah. religions are interesting though sometimes overrated blindly. I believe we all pray to the same God, thus technically you’re welcome to use the word. but you realize tho, that you might create issues with your muslim peers…

  6. Tiara: Yeah…but me ain’t Indon and me don’t speaketh in Malay as me mother tongue. I’ve always seen Allah as in the context of Islam and thus, don’t feel comfy interchanging them. That is all. 🙂 But me gets your point.

    (Sorry. Am so in the holiday mood now.)

    em: That is why I don’t feel comfy interchanging it.

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