Great Ocean Road, Melbourne – Sept 2002

In September 2002, I made a trip to Melbourne with a friend in tow. One of the stops in good old Victoria was none other than the ever-lovely and natural Great Ocean Road. Since my friend wasn’t the adventurous type and we were on a student budget, we joined a tour group and started our day trip on an early note.

First stop was Apollo Bay – where the sun shone the brightest and the water was almost an emerald green. Until my trip to the beach, I had never seen such clean sandy beaches complete with clear, cool water.

Had some brunch here in the form of a hot dog and some fries – we didn’t have much time to walk around the little town. Just the beach and a couple of fridge magnets for Mum.

After much sleeping and waiting, we arrived at Port Campbell National Park, specifically the 12 Apostles. Unfortunately, it was raining hail and the breeze was super strong. Bear in mind, September is still winter here in Melbourne and we were at the coast. One word: BRRRRR!

My S’pore friend was true to form – being the “kiasu” person that he is, we were the only souls to brave the wind, rain and hail, just to catch a glimpse of towers of rocks. Heh. Don’t let the picture fool you. I was COLD.

After boarding the bus, we headed on to Lorc Ard Gorge and London Bridge (which is now no longer a bridge). The sun decided to shine again – thank goodness. Luckily I had brought a winter vest. Wore it while I was on the bus as I waited for my black jacket to dry. And dry it did. YAY!

I don’t know how I ever put up with my S’pore friend. I was tired out by now and he was still going on and on about getting his money’s worth. Made me climb all the way down to take pictures of the Gorge and stuff. Although I must admit one thing though – it is because of him that I have these pictures. ^_^

By the end of the trip, it was nearly 5pm and the sun was beginning to set. We ended our trip in the little town of Port Campbell and it is here where we’ll begin to make out way back to Melbourne town through the interior instead of the coastal route again. All in all, I had a memorable trip…I went back again the next year but the pictures never came out the same way. O’well…

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