Love me…

If all goes well, he’ll be leaving in a few months’ time. Had no idea what possessed me to do this: pick up the mic and record this Elvis Presley’s song, Love Me Tender. I thought it was the perfect song. Never mind the echo-ey feel in it…or how the tune repeats itself over and over again. It means SOMETHING.

Warning: I’m an amateur and hence, I sing like one. Don’t expect anything close to what you see in a certain reality TV show.

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French is hardly easy!


Whoever said it is easy obviously has no idea what he/she is talking about. Let me show you what I’ve been learning since Day One until today, from Level One to now (Level Five).

Note: If there are mistakes, please don’t mind me. I’ve had a very tiring day. T.T

Level 1 (present tenses, possesive nouns, imperative verbs, indefinite articles)

Lundi, je vais à Paris avec mon ami Frédéric. Nous prenons le train. Mardi, à Paris, nous allons à l’aéroport. Frédéric va à New York et il prend l’avion du matin. Moi, je prends l’avion à midi. Je vais à Londres.

Level 2 (indetermined quantities, pronouns, expressions of quantity, past tense)

Au petit déjeuner, il boit du chocolate, du lait ou du café sucré. Il mange des oeufs, du pain avec du beurre et dela confiture. À midi, il va au restaurant : il prend de la viande avec des frites, du fromage et des fruits, de l’ananas avec de la crème. Il boit du vin.

Le soir, il dîne chez lui : il mange de la charcuterie, du fromage et des gâteaux. Il boit de la bière.

Level 3 (demostrative adjectives, adjectives, past tenses involving movement)

Le jeune femme est arrivée à la gare de Toulouse à 18 h. Elle est descendue du train, elle est allée dans un café et elle a téléphoné. À 18 h 18, un homme est arrivé dans une voiture rouge. L’homme est descendu de la voiture. La femme est sortie du café. Et ils partis.

Level 4 (comparisions, prepositions for countries [yes, they are different], pronouns – Complément Direct (COD) and Complément Indirect (COI), future tenses)

Sample 1 : Madame, vous pouvez regarder. Est-ce que quelque chose vous plaît ? Cette robe ? Vous pouvez l’essayer, les cabines sont derrière vous.

Sample 2 : Rien, n’est facile ! Je suis amoureux de Corinne. Je lui écris tous les jours, je lui téléphone, mas je l’intéresse pas. Qu’est-ce que je dois faire ?

NOW… (so far, simple future tenses, complex negative, and imperfect tenses)

Quand j’etais enfant, je détestais l’école. Je préférais faire du vélo dans la campagne. Je devais avoir 10 ans quand j’ai recontré Jacques. Il etait grand, il avait les yeux bleus et il portait toujours un blouson noir. Jacques aimait l’école. It répétait toujours : « Pour comprendre la vie, il faut étudier.» Un jour, il me a donné un livre : c’etait un roman de Jules Verne.

Today’s lesson was mind-boggling: when to use past tense and imperfect tenses. Unlike English where there are a bit of “simple” clues as to the use of imperfect tenses, in French, it involves a bit more thinking. Gah.

I think I need Nil to re-explain a few things about these two tenses before I go crazy.

Wait. I *am* already nuts. Heh.


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It’s more personal now.

I have been doing some thinking and mulling of lately. I toyed briefly with the idea of passwording this entire site (actually, I still haven’t given up on that thought yet). Why, one person asked. It is simply because this site has grown into what seems like a electronic personal diary.

You see, my blog has never has a noble purpose like Jeff Ooi’s, neither has it ever been anything public and wacky (in a fun, nice way) like Minishorts’. It had always been more of a diary, filled with ramblings – right or wrong, crazy or serious, mundane or important. Except that unlike most diaries, it has an audience.

I think this has changed. My readers, if there are still any left, are silent, which is an awful thing if your purpose is to engage people and illicite thoughts from them. When I bemoaned the quiet state of my blog to him, Nil said that my blog seemed more like a storage centre for my thoughts and that itself is something personal, hence people may not seem to know what to say.

“Besides, I don’t think you write to get comments or get more people to read. Your blog is just about you to dump all that excess stuff somewhere else. Otherwise, you’ll explode and I’ll get it.”


Of lately, I’m beginning to tire from keeping two separate blogs. Yes, it may shock some to know that I have two blogs – this very public one and another more quiet, less open one with its comments page permenantly closed. It all started when my ex casually discovered this blog way before I even considered using WP technology. I tolerate his presence until he exploded about something I wrote. It was then that I discovered that this blog was TOO public.

Now I discovered that…

…I shouldn’t have given a damn and just password protect all entries that I didn’t want people to read about.

…I shouldn’t give a damn about what people think about the number of password protected entries I have.

…I shouldn’t give a damn about what people think of the number of times I rant and rave about things I HATE, especially a few people.

I just shouldn’t care…because at the end of the day, this blog is supposed to be something personal and close to my heart.

So really…if you come across a post whereby the comments page is closed or it’s password protected, it just means that it’s not meant for anyone else but me to read.

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Changes to come?

So I didn’t hear from them in Singapore. Never mind. I’ll just look again.

Thanks to a couple of friends, I am now slated for an interview with a mag publishing place next week. I’m hoping to get the position. At least I won’t have to drive 72km a day just to go to work and come home.

(I like my current place but the distance is just killing me ever so slowly.)

Will definitely see how it goes.

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Happy ANZAC Day!

Obtained from

Today is ANZAC Day in Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Niue, Samoa and Tonga. It is one of the prominent public holidays in the Australiasia (one of the nine national public holidays in Australia – aren’t we lucky to have more than fifteen?) and a parallel can be drawn between our own Patriot’s Day and ANZAC Day, except perhaps for the magnitude and overall feel of the celebrations.

ANZAC is the acroynm for Australian and New Zealand Army Corp and honours the bravery and courage of those serving their country, irrespective of which branch of the miliary/security they are in. The event iconic symbol is the landing of ANZAC at Gallipoli in 1915 where 10,000 soldiers died. Australia had the highest casualty rate in that war and New Zealand sent 10% of its then one million population to serve the country overseas (figures obtained from

In the past, because of the changes in the way people looked at war and the negatives of the Vietnam War particularly, ANZAC Day was seen more as a celebration of wars instead of what it really was. Today, however, that sentiment is slowing changing. It is seen as a day where people come together to remember the sacrifices others have made for the stability of the country – it is not common to see veterans meeting for a chat, people pay tributes and visiting their fallen loved ones and councils holding dawn memorial services together with, ironically, parades and celebrations.

For the rest of us who were either too young to remember or who cannot seem to connect with this event, it is just what it is – another public holiday, time to rest, enjoy and be merry before the work comes again.



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Ballarat & Sovereign, Victoria – Sept ’02

Gold gold GOLD!!!

Yup…that is what Ballarat is all about. It is basically a re-creation of the gold rush period that hit Australia, particularly Victoria.


Once prospering on gold mining, Ballarat today has an urban population of 90,200 people. First established in 1838, you can now catch a glimpse of living history in this largest inland city in Victoria right here in Sovereign Hill Historical Park. The Park recreates a gold mining settlement right to the T and there is no doubt about it – if you love history, this is the place to go.

There is a candy shop where you can catch candy making demonstrations every few half an hours or so (I think). Free samples are available too, making this stop very popular with children. There is a little farm just lying somewhere on the fringes of the Park, allowing you up close and personal attention with goats, sheeps and the cutest little lambs. If you’re not the type for cutesy, sweet stuff, then there is a gold refining process demonstration – which is a hit with adults – and a gun shooting display.

ballarat_03 ballarat_04 ballarat_05

Definitely worth a trip if you like history, gold and costumes OR just itching for material for your gallery!

WARNING: Definitely not for history-haters and those get bored easily.

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I’m such a slow poke when it comes to technology-related change.

I have to wait for that perfect moment to sit down and concentrate on what I’m doing, get themes that give the right feel to my blog, and well, just being happy with everything.

Never mind the possibility of bugs and stuff like that.

But at the end of it, it felt good doing things on your own and learning more.


ps: Buzz me if you think some stuff is broken, k?

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Pictures from/of Sydney!

It’s not finished…

Somehow, I have taken to resizing the pictures and on top of that, adding in the text directly onto the images itself. It’s tidious but worth the effort. At least it’ll make it harder for those pesky stealers to rip off. ^_~

Anyway, I’ve decided to post the link even though I have about another 50% to go. Feel free to add your comments onto them…and enjoy!

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