Checklist for Aussie trip – Part III

I GOT THE VISA! Sydney, here I come! YAY! *wooohoooo*


Anyway, several things to do before I fly off to Oz-land next week. Yes, it’s that soon.

  • Draw out some money and get it changed to Aussie dollar
  • Finish off whatever work I have left at the office (Japanese, Asian and NZ product)
  • Pack pack pack!
  • Get a list of things to buy from Sydney. So far I have lanolin creams, bag strap & macademia nuts for Mum, and rice crackers for colleague #1.
  • Buy bus ticket and/or train ticket to Singapore (flying off from there)
  • Remind Nil to bring my camera along – he got himself a new Powershot S2 (I think). (I’m so jealous.)

Background story:
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  1. Yay!!! <:-p Finally settled! Have a wonderful trip! Can I put in an order for sunblock? Hehe...just kidding. The Australian Cancer Society 1 ltr Sunblock's the best! Looking forward to hearing all about your wonderful time!

  2. 🙂 That’s cool, Mabel! Have a safe flight! Don’t forget to buy yarns! 😉 I’m going there in June. Gonna be cold. Enjoy yourself. Love from Perth :love:

  3. Thankies folks. Am planning to enjoy myself to the max!

    And yes, Swifty. I’m a happily attached woman. What did you expect? :d

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