Impatient lazy people.

A number of M’sian drivers are either 1) inconsiderate, 2) brainless, or 3) impatient or lazy.

I think I’ll opt for the third option.




Btw, if you’re familiar with Bangsar, this car was parked at the junction next to McD’s with its nose facing oncoming traffic. Tsk.

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  1. Haha…
    Didn’t you know that the majority of the wildlife in Malaysia is on the roads and not the jungles?

  2. It’s especially irritating when they double and triple park on a busy road. Once a bus I was on, couldn’t get through because a few fellas decided to double park. Even worse, when after repeated horns from the bus driver they refused to budge. The bus driver, just rammed his way through after a few more horns. I believe the car had a long scratch on it’s body after that. 8-|

  3. 😕 ah, Malaysians on the road! such art, isn’t it? hehehe.
    then again, who am i to discussed about Malaysians and their driving senses. im 19 and i don’t even posessed a driver’s license. 🙁

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