Talking about (my) school life…

The School Meme (adapted from Pick Yin)

How many schools did I go to?
No kindies for me. I was in a nursery at a church along Jalan Utara until primary school. It was off to SRK Sri Petaling at Section 12 for me and a mix-up with my then-best friend led me to SMK Assunta instead of Sri Aman (where she went). The mix-up was this: she applied for Sri Aman, thinking I would get in there but didn’t know that I applied for Assunta, thinking that SHE would go there. O’well…

After SPM, it was off to Taylors College, Olympia Business School, LICT (now LUCT), and finally, Macquarie University.

Was I the studious nerd, or the last minute hero?
A little bit of both, honestly. The last minute hero would sometimes come up for subjects that I totally hate like Moral and Commerce. Studious nerd came in place for Biology, Chemistry, History (yes, I loved History then), Home Skills, Art and Econs. The rest were, well, probably me playing the devil ocassionally.

Was I the class ‘taiko’ or the teacher’s pet?
I think I was the teachers’ pet for the science subjects in my class simply because my class was filled with non-studious students who, frankly, got shitty results ALL the time. Nevertheless, these gals were really nice although they had a beef with one of my classmates who got up on their (and mine, eventually) nerves. I helped them ocassionally with their labwork, giving tips and stuff but never to the point of doing homework for them.

What was the biggest rule I broke in school?
Urm…I skipped school towards SPM? Otherwise, that was it. At least what I can remember, anyway.

Three subjects I enjoyed.
Pre-SPM: Biology. Chemistry. Economics.
Pre-PMR: History. Science. Home Skills (especially electronics).

Be honest. Did you love high school?
YES. If I had a chance, I would relive my high school days – unlike a lot of people I know who totally abhor the idea of them ever being in high school. I had the greatest of gal friends (people whom I still love up till today), the best time studying and well, the best relationships with everyone. School for me – primary and secondary – hold very wonderful memories. It was the place where I became me and well, had those first flushes of discovery of who I am now.

Who else is tagged? Anyone who is interested in doing this, I suppose. ^_^

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