The future.

Love's waiting...
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A year ago, it would have been too soon to even mention the “M” word, much or less insinuate the ideals of living together forever. Now, 82 weeks after the day we first met, the reality of becoming one in the eyes of the law is…well, becoming real.

I finally get an indication of whether what every woman desires when she steps into a serious relationship is for real or just…for fun.

Nil says he’ll consider getting married once he settles down with a job after this state of instability. (His contract will be ending in June and after that, he’ll be travelling around Central Asia for nearly two months.) Previously, marriage wasn’t even on the cards simply because people don’t get married when their lives and bank accounts are not stable.

Now, with the prospects of the possibility of working in the States and better still, doing something he likes, I can look forward to a more stable future together.

82 weeks.

This is how long it has taken for the both of us to finally get a glimpse of our future. It still is a glimpse and not a rock-solid vision.

There is much left for the both of us but hey, that’s why it takes two people (and not one) to work out the dents.

The future.

It’s coming.

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  1. That’s great news, Mabel! I’ll take this opportunity to wish you congratulations in advance! Hehe. May everything turn out fine and smooth for the both of you. :)>-

  2. That is so cute…the bf and i started seeing and talking about our future together at about the same time too. Heh. It’s so much fun :d

  3. I am so, so, so happy for you! Things have finally started to take on a more solid form for you now. Congrats in advance sweetie! Don’t for get to invite me to the wedding!;)

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