When you are…

A box of hearts...

…bored AND sick, you learn how to amuse yourself by picking up a new hobby.


Origami hearts, that is. Enough to fill a box.


Just another heart...

ps: I am getting much better. The blisters are beginning to change colour and the older ones have started drying. So far no itching – which is great – and it looks like I might just make it for M! The Opera on this coming Sunday. *keeps fingers crossed*

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  1. “Older ones have started drying…” grossed me out because when I had my pox, I couldn’t stand the scabs and started peeling them…yarks yarks…goosebumps all over now 8-|

  2. So very pretty! I would love to learn how to make them! Glad you’re getting better with the scary chicken pox. Like you, I never had them as a kid so the minute I heard they had vaccines for it, I got myself immunised!

  3. Stargazer: I might just be tempted to put up the instructions (taken from the book) here.

    S-Kay: I sometimes get the itches to squeeze out the ‘pus’. :d But the horror of permanent scars is enough to turn me off. O’well…

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