Chicken pox.

If any of you folks are interested in getting chicken pox or have kiddies who want to catch it, feel free to drop me an email. I’ll give you directions to my house and we can hang out.


Yes, I’m pretty old to be getting it but hey, when you had a heart condition for 17 years, getting chicken pox and measles are hardly the right options as a kid.

O’well…here’s to taking anti-virals once every four hours and the itchy-scratchy feeling.

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  1. Yvy: Don’t know but keeping my fingers crossed. Been downing heaps of herbal tea and coconut water – apparently, cooling stuff helps makes everything faster. My only complaint(s) are the headaches and feeling like a zombie.

    Thanks for the well-wishes though! 🙂

  2. *nods* Been making origami hearts for a going-away project for Nil AND watching live telecasts of the CG2006 plus other movies. :d

    Life is good…so far.

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