Negotiating your way blindly or otherwise.

It’s Tuesday Fuglies again!

This time, I managed to join the Friday morning crowd on the LRT, heading towards KL. This is probably not unusual for those of you who have been part of the “taking the public transport to work” crowd. If you thought this stop was bad, you should have seen the one at KL Sentral. Peak or non-peak hours, the crowd clamours in the front of the door and if you’re the one exiting the train, be prepared to be pushed back into the carriage. What I usually do? Shout out this:


Talk about needing to navigate and push your way out. =.=

Petaling Jaya is a city, y’know. Well, the last I recalled, being a city certainly did not mean that its roads were littered with holes or dodgy patchwork. Sometimes I wonder what our people over at the town council do for a living. Instead of examining the problem (which is reoccurent), they are merely concerned with short-term solutions, ie slap on some tar and pretend that everything is just as good as normal. Hah. As if that has worked before.

Okay. So some of us don’t use our signal lights even though it’s available and majority of us out there complain about them. But this is the opposite. OD is the keyword here. Now I know your lovely Wira comes with a screen for the backview mirror but seriously, can you really see anything with that up? It is supposed to be down while you’re driving and up while your car is parked. NOT the other way around. *tsk tsk*

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  1. its not that the people and cars that appear on your fuglies don’t deserve to be there (and in the papers by right), but it seems as if someone’s totally having a ball with her camphone, eh? 😕

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