Checklist for Aussie trip – Part II

Lets see…

  • RM206 for the tourist visa 676 application
  • RM100 for the medical check-up
  • Four hours spent
  • Another urine test to take (because I had to have my period now…)
  • Ten days or more till I know if I have wasted RM306 or if it was worth it.

Even the panel doctors and radiologists were surprised when they found out that all this was for a ten day visit as a tourist to Australia. They can’t seem to see the logic in the Embassy’s requirement and frankly, I can’t either even though it’s their perogative.

O’well…hopefully, I won’t have to launch into a tirade two weeks from today. I hate being cranky during non-period days.

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  1. Najah: They say it’s because I had a medical condition. But the doctors were puzzled because 1) “They have records. Why subject the applicant through all this again and for ten days of tourist activity?”, and 2) I went for a medical twice, once as a student and again when I wanted to apply for a long-stay visa.

    The funny bit is if you’re going as a tourist and they don’t have prior records of your medical history, you won’t need to do all this even if you have an ailment. It really defeats the purposes of these checks.

  2. Ooooooooook….that’s SO bizarre 😕 I never once had to do a med check up even though i was there for like 3 weeks. weird lar.

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