So handy!

Camera phones, that is.

Got myself a Sony Ericcson K300i last week and am pretty happy with it even though it’s a basic entry level phone and the pictures are as clear as I would like them to be. (I’m not one for fancy-smancy stuff like MP3 players – got my MD player for that – and what-not, so yeah…it’s good enough for me.)

Now I’m only starting to get used to the idea of taking pictures using my phone. Right now, it’s a new thing for me and so I took some pictures of the stuff I’m used to seeing while I’m on my way to work – namely horrible drivers that piss the bejeezuz out of me.

(Note: Click on pics to get a bigger image, yah?)

Queue jumpers, for one, are hot on my list and they come in all shapes and sizes when you reach this stretch of road along the LDP. Somehow, they just lack the brains to move to the appropriate lane, signal and slowly join the traffic waiting on the left. They just LOVE to go right to the junction, if possible, and “force” their way into the other lane (not signal la!). There are worse drivers compared to this guy.

The last I remember, one way mirrors are illegal on cars. Hell, even a dark tint covering 100% of your windows and mirror is illegal. How the heck did this car manage to get away with it? And no, there was no sun behind me.

If there is anything I hate more than those idiots who love to press down hard on the gas pedal, it’s a bunch of mechanics testing out a sports car on a city road where the speed limit is BELOW 80 km/h. There is a Ferrari showroom just behind my house and occasionally, you see a flash of red passing by only to hear the brakes a few seconds later. Talk about wasting petrol and ruining a few good tyres.

Hm. I could get used to this. Might even turn this into a “Spot a stupid driver” day. *lol*

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