Checklist for Aussie trip – Part I

The “PEOPLE” at the Australian High Commission rejected my ETA application this morning and requested that I lodge a formal application with the High Comm. Okay. Never mind the AUD20 I just spent. I asked them some questions and after the phone conversation ended, I screamed. Literally.

I’ll have to fork out RM260 RM206 (my hearing is out sometimes!) and prepare the following documents plus go for a medical check-up just to bloody go to the country and live there for two weeks as a visitor:

  • Evidence of funds
  • Evidence of your medical/travel insurance
  • Medical examination or tests
  • A letter from your employer confirming your leave
  • If visiting close family in Australia (who is a citizen or PR of Australia), a letter of invitation to visit
  • Other information that you have an incentive and authority to return to your country of residence

GEEEEZUZ. “Why so kiaso one?” one colleague asked. *sighs* I can understand if they are afraid that I might be one of those illegal immigrants who go in on a tourist visa and disappear into the country. But if you must do this to tourists, apply it across the board and don’t just target backpackers like myself.

So just to spite them and possibly bog them down with paperwork, I’m including the following documents (certified true copies or originals):

  • Bank statement(s)
  • Six months of payslips
  • A letter confirming my leave
  • Employment contract
  • Proof of purchase of ticket

Hm…I just might get Dad to write a letter telling them that I have responsibilities and duties here in M’sia, mainly towards my family.

How’s that for a checklist?

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  1. Wow, since when did they become so strict with visitors? I’ve never had to go through all that hoop jumping before and I’ve been there plenty, as a student and a visitor.

  2. spot: I know. I was there as a student three years ago and before that as a visitor. Never had to do this kind of thing as a visitor. -.- Annoying leh.

  3. That’s very surprising indeed! The last trip I made there was last Sept and my agent did the visa for me. It’s a free, computerised slip of paper. No questions asked, nothing! What you’re having to go through sounds more like the procedures for other visas, not tourist ones. Good luck with the application tho!

  4. Stargazer: Well, the application form reads “Application for a tourist visa” (or something similar). Where you part of a tour group? Coz if you were, then it could be possible because of that. =.=

  5. Australia’s involvement in the Middle East has made it a terrorism target, hence the heightened security in relation to visitors from Muslim countries.

  6. I wasn’t part of a tour group. It was just bf and me. And the year before, I did a trip there with my whole family too and all we had to do was to give our details for our agent to do the tourist visa for free. First time I’ve heard of this. I also studied there and didn’t have trouble with visas.

    Could it be because you’re doing it yourself and not through an agent?

  7. Stargazer: Hm…weird la coz the last time I tried to get a tourist visa, I had the same problem and it was through an agent (that was two years ago). [I studied in Oz-land too and had no problems with visa – did it myself as well. Bahhhhh.]

    Maybe Tinkerbell is right…heightened security and so they choose people at random. I’m just unlucky. :((

  8. Hey I went to Aus in April/May 2004 and like Stargazer, it was completely painless. Slip of paper just handed over together with the tickets.

    Maybe you look sneaky. :d

  9. spot: Either that or it’s because I had an open heart surgery when I was 17 and they think I might just collapse and die in Sydney. =.=

  10. Have you ever tried the U S –I had to help a friend get a visa- need all the documents like yours plus you have to pay to get an appointment – by bank transfer $120 US and get the confirmation before you can book an appointment. If you miss it, you lose the money . Ypu have tp print all your own letters n confirmations from them ( save them labour and postage) if you have probelsm you can call them at US $2 per minute and usually you’re on hold for a long long time ( with the meter ticking) and… yu have to buy your own prepaid courier envelope for them to mail your passport back.

  11. Whoa, I guess Bush used his influence. =_=

    When I went in December, it was still easy-peasy and it took a matter of minutes – if not seconds – to get the online visa done!

    Is this standardised? Did they tell you why they wanted something to thorough like that?

  12. Seems they are stricter on Malaysians now and Singaporeans get it much easier.( allies ya know ;)) The friend was an old lady of 78!

  13. Sam: I’m beginning to suspect that it’s not just me alone. My former colleague had to do what I did as well. Maybe coz you’re still a student and when they see me, they see possible working adult who wants to be an illegal? (Age factor?) AIYA…I don’t know la. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what these immigration people want.
    Rom: AIYA…that don’t count la. At 78, it would be super difficult for her to get a job. (No offense intended.) And I don’t want to go to the US…not yet anyway. ;))

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