Checklist for Aussie trip – Part III

I GOT THE VISA! Sydney, here I come! YAY! *wooohoooo*


Anyway, several things to do before I fly off to Oz-land next week. Yes, it’s that soon.

  • Draw out some money and get it changed to Aussie dollar
  • Finish off whatever work I have left at the office (Japanese, Asian and NZ product)
  • Pack pack pack!
  • Get a list of things to buy from Sydney. So far I have lanolin creams, bag strap & macademia nuts for Mum, and rice crackers for colleague #1.
  • Buy bus ticket and/or train ticket to Singapore (flying off from there)
  • Remind Nil to bring my camera along – he got himself a new Powershot S2 (I think). (I’m so jealous.)

Background story:
Checklist for Aussie trip – Part II
Checklist for Aussie trip – Part I

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Impatient lazy people.

A number of M’sian drivers are either 1) inconsiderate, 2) brainless, or 3) impatient or lazy.

I think I’ll opt for the third option.




Btw, if you’re familiar with Bangsar, this car was parked at the junction next to McD’s with its nose facing oncoming traffic. Tsk.

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What do you do with His stuff?

So I was doing some spring cleaning around my workstation at home. My nearly fifteen year old workstation with all its files, papers, envelopes, books, CDs and documents. And guess what just had to show up during my spring cleaning?

Pictures of Him and ocassionally, a picture of us during our time together.

(Lets just say that it felt weird looking at them.)

Before I knew it, I did the ‘oddest’ thing ever. I trashed the ones of us and shoved those of Him into an envelope, dropped in a cursory note and sealed it.

I think I’ll mail it tomorrow, together with postcards I intend to send to Boyfriend’s family.


Am I being mean? I don’t think so.

I’m just being normal.


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Talking about (my) school life…

The School Meme (adapted from Pick Yin)

How many schools did I go to?
No kindies for me. I was in a nursery at a church along Jalan Utara until primary school. It was off to SRK Sri Petaling at Section 12 for me and a mix-up with my then-best friend led me to SMK Assunta instead of Sri Aman (where she went). The mix-up was this: she applied for Sri Aman, thinking I would get in there but didn’t know that I applied for Assunta, thinking that SHE would go there. O’well…

After SPM, it was off to Taylors College, Olympia Business School, LICT (now LUCT), and finally, Macquarie University.

Was I the studious nerd, or the last minute hero?
A little bit of both, honestly. The last minute hero would sometimes come up for subjects that I totally hate like Moral and Commerce. Studious nerd came in place for Biology, Chemistry, History (yes, I loved History then), Home Skills, Art and Econs. The rest were, well, probably me playing the devil ocassionally.

Was I the class ‘taiko’ or the teacher’s pet?
I think I was the teachers’ pet for the science subjects in my class simply because my class was filled with non-studious students who, frankly, got shitty results ALL the time. Nevertheless, these gals were really nice although they had a beef with one of my classmates who got up on their (and mine, eventually) nerves. I helped them ocassionally with their labwork, giving tips and stuff but never to the point of doing homework for them.

What was the biggest rule I broke in school?
Urm…I skipped school towards SPM? Otherwise, that was it. At least what I can remember, anyway.

Three subjects I enjoyed.
Pre-SPM: Biology. Chemistry. Economics.
Pre-PMR: History. Science. Home Skills (especially electronics).

Be honest. Did you love high school?
YES. If I had a chance, I would relive my high school days – unlike a lot of people I know who totally abhor the idea of them ever being in high school. I had the greatest of gal friends (people whom I still love up till today), the best time studying and well, the best relationships with everyone. School for me – primary and secondary – hold very wonderful memories. It was the place where I became me and well, had those first flushes of discovery of who I am now.

Who else is tagged? Anyone who is interested in doing this, I suppose. ^_^

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The future.

Love's waiting...
Courtesy of Getty Images

A year ago, it would have been too soon to even mention the “M” word, much or less insinuate the ideals of living together forever. Now, 82 weeks after the day we first met, the reality of becoming one in the eyes of the law is…well, becoming real.

I finally get an indication of whether what every woman desires when she steps into a serious relationship is for real or just…for fun.

Nil says he’ll consider getting married once he settles down with a job after this state of instability. (His contract will be ending in June and after that, he’ll be travelling around Central Asia for nearly two months.) Previously, marriage wasn’t even on the cards simply because people don’t get married when their lives and bank accounts are not stable.

Now, with the prospects of the possibility of working in the States and better still, doing something he likes, I can look forward to a more stable future together.

82 weeks.

This is how long it has taken for the both of us to finally get a glimpse of our future. It still is a glimpse and not a rock-solid vision.

There is much left for the both of us but hey, that’s why it takes two people (and not one) to work out the dents.

The future.

It’s coming.

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It’s wishful thinking, maybe even counting chickens before the eggs even hatch.

But when the man you love tells you that he’ll consider marrying you FOR REAL when he gets THAT job, you cry out for joy and not keep mum.



Nil said yes to even the thought.


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