Back from Singapore.

I managed to get a few things done over the weekend while in Singapore. There was the BBQ, a badminton match, 12 laps of swimming at Nil’s place, lots of sleeping plus purchasing our tickets to Sydney. (Oh yes. Note to self: I owe Nil RM750 for the plane ticket.)

Next weekend I’ll be down there again and this time, I’m going to check out Sim Lim Centre (looking around for techie stuff and phones too) plus off to Spotlight to get some beads for my first DIY earring project.

There is something about Singapore that I really like (no offense Malaysia) and it has nothing to do with its people or its government BUT everything to do with location and weather. The breeze. Singapore is a windy country. At least where I’ve been staying every time I go down, that is. There is something about swimming in a pool where the water surface is constantly rippling because of the breeze. There is something about pants/blouses/hair fluttering in the cool evening air.

Anyway, I’m hoping to get enough energy, interest and time to blog properly again. There are a couple of reviews on delay. *ugh*

*chants to self*


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