How did you meet?

Sometime in August 2004, I was online busy talking to a fellow forum-goer about relationships. I was in one of those “kill the ex” moods. My friend decided to do the next best thing. He tells me that he has a friend – some French guy working in the same lab where he was doing his research for his PhD – who was looking for more M’sian friends. It didn’t strike me as odd at that time because if anything, I was hardly partial to meeting people who were interested in making more friends. Very pen-pal-ish, now that I think of it.

I agreed anyway and my friend ’set’ me up with the guy – all done over the Internet. The guy, it so happened, was travelling around in Cambodia at that time – it was where my parents had been to several weeks/days earlier. We talked a little about ourselves, cracked jokes and flirted. I continued to see him online for the consecutive nights – I had assumed that there was little night entertainment wherever he was. When he was back in Singapore, we talked whenever we had the chance to about all sorts of things.

It was fun, meeting someone new…talking without abandonment. Nevertheless, I wasn’t looking for anything – just friendship. Never in my entire life had I expected him to one day – a month later – pop the “lets meet up” and then “I’m coming to KL”. Why? Well, because most people I meet online STAY online even though there was some form of attraction between us.

But come to KL he did. Precisely to the Pasar Seni LRT station. Him in his white cotton ethnic shirt, with a book in his hand and that ridiculously ugly goatee of his. (Yes, I even told him that goatee was horrible.) We got off to a good start with a drink, and then a drive around PJ just to settle him into some place nice for the night. No backpacker style rooms in PJ so we decided on Shah Village near Taman Jaya LRT station. Dinner, chatting, lunch, chatting, breakfast, chatting and heaps of walking ensued. When the time for him to make it back to Singapore came, he asked me out on a trip to Pangkor the very next week.

I hesitated at first but then something in me pushed and finally I agreed. It was there that he asked me to be his girlfriend for the first time. (I made him wait for about ten days before I finally said yes.) The rest, they say, was history.

What about you? How did you meet your partner?

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  1. We first met in 1998, when my brother brought me to BSC to look for shoes for the then-not-ex. Met up with a group of his friends, she being one of them. I didn’t notice her at all, so intent was I on the shoe search.

    Fastforward to 2001, she called out of the blue, asking if there was a vacancy in the firm I was with (we were both lawyers then). We became colleagues working for the same partner in mid 2001.

    October 2002: Suddenly hit me that the one I ought to be with wasn’t the one I was with. Crap hit the fan. Major mess.

    Fate, adultery, whatever. Here we are.

  2. :love: met online as well….were chat pals for abt 2 yrs i would say, finally came out here to meet me. we went to langkawi. it was his time time OUT of australia. we only decided to get as a couple after quite some time. not easy maintaining a LDR remember? 🙂 :d

  3. worked for the same media owner…saw him during a bowling tournament and he was being told, “she has a crush on you” in front of 150 odd people in a food court. the rest…was history

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