PICCIES: Earrings anyone?

If you hadn’t known, I’ll tell you now.

I collect earrings.

Heaps of them (although of lately, a new financial goal has led me to cut down on the amount of energy/money/time I spent into collecting and keeping this little dangly bits). How many to be exact? Urm…about 50 to 60 pairs. *looks guilty*

01purpleblack 04redfan 03yellow 02brown 13greensilver

Some say that I’m crazy – spending RM10 on every three pairs of beaded fake cosmetic jewellery. I sayt it’s cheaper than getting shoes. At least I don’t need that much storage space (compared to everything else). Besides, everyone needs a little fetish be it shoes, boas or clothes. I just happen to like sparkly, dangly stuff…that’s all. πŸ˜€

05greenfan 06yellowchandelier 07purplehoop 08purplechandelier 09greenteardrop

I take considerable amount of care in housing them. A special earring tower (bought from one of the stores along Petaling Street) and then keeping them in little home-made plastic bags. (Dad has a plastic sealer and it takes me a few minutes to make about 10 of these little storage bags. If it’s for 50 over earrings, it’ll take about one to two hours of sealing, trimming and cutting.)

21earringtower 10bluebead 20pinkchandelier 19redcrescent 17whitehoop

My man thinks I’m nutty. He perhaps was incredulous and amused when telling his stepmum about what to get for me during Christmas. (I got a pair of translucent blue beaded earrings and a matching necklace.) Whenever we’re out, he drags me away from those stalls – you know, the ones selling earrings. He thinks I have too many.

12bluesilver 16whitechandelier 15whitepearl 14blue 18bluechandelier

I think it’s never enough. Perhaps this is what they mean by a fetish…an obsession. Mine are earrings. It’s the new black, so to speak. πŸ™‚


ps: If you’re looking for an earring tower, try the shops along Jalan Panggong (near Purple Cane Tea House) and around the pet shops (like Pets More).

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  1. It’s my new craze too. I am going to take a step further and make my own. By the time I kick the bucket, I hope there is enuff space for me in the coffin, after stuffing in all the earrings. πŸ™‚

  2. I think I’ve got the 9th earring (pic) but in pink instead. Heehee. And gosh..it’s lovely your earrings. Btw, how much did you buy your tower for..I need to get one too, it’s all stuffed up in a box now (my earrings)

  3. Lilian: I too am going to learn how to make my own. Will be buying the stuff next weekend and when I’m in Singapore. Probably put up pics too when I get some done! :d

    S-Kay: I got it for RM19…but they are pretty small (because I don’t have much space on my dressing table). You can get bigger ones just visit any of the accessory stores (wholesale ones) along Petaling Street. (I might need to get another one. Running out of space. o:-) )

  4. O M G:shock: 😯 you’re a ‘dangly’ person? lol πŸ˜› have a friend just like you. me? i love simple silver rings. perfect for all my 11 piercings. :>

  5. Yvy: 11 piercings?!?? 😯

    CC: I used to do the same (stash them in my drawer and wherever) but it got very messy taking the bits out. So tower tower! :d

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