What a day!

Today has been full of surprises! Some good and some were bordering more on the ‘interesting’ side of things. Hm.

Let’s see…

  • First, the CNY cookies I shared with some of my colleagues were a hit – everything was gone. I got some praises for the pineapple tarts – Mum’s signature CNY cookie. 😀
  • Second, I finally got a copy of a movie I have wanted to see for quite some time. It will never be shown here in M’sia and I hope to plonk a review in once I get done with it.
  • Third, my dark chocolate brownies turned out FANTASTIC. Fudge-like, thick and very superbly delicious! It’ll make a wonderful V-Day present, I’d think. No leftovers for you guys, I’m afraid. 😉
  • Fourth, Nil is going to buy me dinner at Bangsar tomorrow (tapas here I come – although I’m hankering for lamb chops!) to make up for me having to accompany him to watch a rugby match!
  • Fifth, the ex showed up at my office this evening. Turned out that he was there to attend an interview. If all goes well, he’ll be doing the same thing as I am and in the same office too. WOAH. 8-} (I wish him all the best though.)
  • Sixth, my piggy bank (more like a KFC mug thingie) is filled with RM1 and it’s getting heavier and heavier. What is it for? Well, it’s just a rainy day savings mug. Besides, there is something about the whole act that reminds me of my kiddie days.
  • Seventh, the parcel I sent to Sam finally reached her! YAY! Hope she loves the pink scarf and embroidery packets I threw in – quite a belated Christmas present, I’d say.


Well, as you can see, I take pleasure in the simplest of things. For me, it is the little things that make life worth living sometimes. What about you?

Have you been surprised today?

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  1. Not today, but yesterday I received really good news about something I was looking forward to. It’s not completely confirmed, so I’m still tentative about it, but the chances look good. 😀

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