Tackling relatives during CNY

I don’t know about you guys but I happen to have very kay-poh relatives, especially on Mum’s side. These are the very same people who told Mum that there was no point in sending me abroad to do my MA simply because an educated woman is as good as a spinster. =.=

I dread visiting her side of the family mainly because of all the intrusive comments and questions they frequently make and excuse it to them being concern. Half of the time, I think they do it just to get some little satisfaction out of belittling others who are leading a different life from their children.

While discussing my impending doom with Nil, we came across a few very typical questions asked during CNY and three separate ways of tackling them, depending on how brave you are.

Choose between A, B or C but realize that either way, you’re screwed.

Comment #1: So…got boyfriend already ar?
A: Got. My job lor.
B: No need la. Woman today don’t need a man to survive.
C: Got. He’s just not here yet.

Comment #2: So…when you getting married la?
A: Dunno.
B: Long more time. Must enjoy life before go to jail first.
C: Oh, Dad say women today don’t need to get married.

Comment #3: Wah…so fat already ar!
A: Yalor. Busy earning money so no time to take care of my body.
B: Yah…and you have one more wrinkle.
C: Boyfriend likes me to be fleshy mah.

Comment #4: When you guys having kids ar?
A: You pay for everything then I have them la.
B: Dunwan. Scared that they’ll end up like yours.
C: Too many people in this world. No need to add more to it.

Any comebacks of your own?

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  1. Haha. Mabel, some of your comebacks are downright in-their-face hilarious. And this will be my version for some of the comments:

    Comment #1: So…got girlfriend already ar?
    A: Nope. No time la.
    B: Not yet. What about *your* children?

    Comment #3: Wah…so fat already ar!
    A: Likewise.
    B: What to do! My mum’s a great cook.

  2. let me add on to your list *hehe*

    Comment #1: So…got boyfriend already ar?
    D: got. plenty of BOYs who are my FRIENDs… u referring to which one?

    Comment #2: So…when you getting married la?
    this reminds me of the joke where old aunties go “you’re next!” at weddings… & they stop when u do the same to them at funerals.

    Comment #3: Wah…so fat already ar!
    D: earning big bucks so can afford good food for every meal. if i no money, i’d be stick-thin from eating maggi mee 3x a day!

  3. Hahaha. This is hilarious Mei. Very good and sarcastic answers for the questions. I like it. But it’s true though, relatives tend to be freakin’ kaypoh and I don’t know what is wrong with them. I guess they are just displeased that you are doing better in life than their kids just like what you have said earlier on.

    What I usually get from Dad’s eldest Sis is … “Wah, you gain weight already hor.” The same thing every year. Tsk. I think I should answer her this year with this … “Yalor, want to become obese mah.”

  4. Hahaha….whatever way that you plan to tackle those questions, good luck in handling them!

    *hugs hugs*

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