No Brokeback Mountain for us!

First it was Schindler’s List. Then it was True Lies. After that it was a bunch of other movies – frankly, the list is growing too long for me to remember.

Now it is this.

Cinemas will not show Ang Lee film

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians will not have the chance to watch Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain, which picked up seven nominations for the Jan 16 Golden Globe Awards on the big screen.

The film, which is distributed by Focus Features in the United States, is not on any local distributors list.

Dawn Liew, promotions and publicity manager with United International Pictures (M) – which is the distributor for another Focus Features’ film, Pride & Prejudice – said: “As far as UIP (M) is concerned, we don’t have plans to release it. We are not even sure if the movie is ours to distribute in Malaysia.”

Brokeback Mountai, she said, was unsuitable for local consumption.

The epic western is the first big-budget Hollywood movie to open the closet doors on a gay-themed movie. It is a story of a two-decade romance between two cowboys.

The movie even faced problems in the town of Sandy, Salt Lake City, United States where a movie theatre pulled it out at the last minute.

On a more positive note, Malaysians may just be able to watch controversial film, Munich, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Eric Bana.

Liew confirmed that UIP had Munich scheduled for an April 13 opening in Malaysia.

“We will bring in the print in March and submit it to the Film Censorship Board. Although the chances of the film getting through is slim, we believe there is a niche market for Munich,” she said.

Munich tells the story of vengeance that Israel allegedly vented against Palestinian terrorists after the 1972 Olympics tragedy in Munich. Eleven Israeli hostages were murdered by a group known as Black September whose members were Palestinians.

It is based on George Jonas’ book Vengeance: The True Story of an Israeli Counter-Terrorism Team.

Are we children or what?

The irony is that while it is said to be “unsuitable for local consumption”, the government have yet to realise that there are M’sian gays too AND that people do have a control over their sexuality and aren’t going to turn gay after watching a gay movie (that was some idiot’s argument about violent movies).

How can you expect us to support the bloody cinemas when the government bans films like there is no tomorrow and for every single stupid contradiction??? What contradictions you ask?

How about screening Narnia with violence included under the “General” category with kiddies in attendance BUT putting things like True Lies (which adults go for) under the knift (in other words, ban ban ban!)? Oh…coz True Lies was religious in tone you say. How about Narnia which has Christian undertones? Or Harry Potter which extremists argue promote paganism?

You think I sound stupid now with all those ‘excuses’? Those are the same ‘excuses’ (if not slightly similar) fielded by the Censorship Board.

How do you expect M’sians to appreciate ALL forms of culture and art, be it sexual or violent or religious, when we don’t even access to such films/books/paintings?

Bah humbug.

(By the way, kudos to Star for re-writing Brokeback Mountain as Brokeback Mountai!)

For context:
Cinemas will not show Ang Lee film
Brokeback Mountain’s official website

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  1. That’s plenty of double standard in Bolehland anyway. Alexander is gay, and they don’t mind showing it…

  2. Bleh. Wouldn’t have watched it on the big screen anyway eve if it wasn’t banned – knowing the subject matter, it would have been cut to pieces by the censors. Just call Uncle Ho!:d

    Also, word is that Spielberg’s Munich may not make it as well.

    That’s two potential-Oscar-winners that might not be screened here.

  3. matter what the stupiak censoring commision says..just go get the ciplak dvd lor. after all, even if they allow the will be censored so’s not worth watching. no matter what they say..they are living ina LALALA world…a world of their own indeed. not suitable for public consumption my ass.

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