The ever lovely faces of Beijing…

Last week, I went on a short five day trip to Beijing with Nil. We were there to visit a ‘relative’ of his who was on a business trip and since we like to travel backpacker-style, we were basically on our own (both of us don’t quite fancy tours and what-nots, y’know).

First and last day was spent travelling there and back to Singapore by plane; we manage to start our trip proper on Saturday. Places we covered on foot: Forbidden City, Tianamen Square, several parks around the Forbidden City area (I forgot the name), the Great Wall (from Jinshanling to Simatai – which is a good 10km walk of steep uphill and downhill hikes – it takes about four hours to get there and back to the city and another four to five hours for the climb) on Sunday, and a near five to six hour cycle around Beijing city on Monday.

We both took plenty of pictures – using my SLR manual camera, a disposable panoramic camera and his Canon A75 Powershot digital cam…and here are the results.

NOTE: Pictures here are the ones taken with the disposable panoramic camera.

A view of The Palace Musuem at night – the entrance to the Forbidden City.

The rooftops of the several ‘palaces’ and halls in the City against the very gloomy morning on Saturday – it was drizzling, thus as you’ll see later on, there were lots of umbrellas in the pictures. T_T.

Another snap of the City and the hordes of tourists that gather around the main areas of the place.

Nil’s ‘relative’ taking a snappie of what’s behind us and well, we took a snap of what was behind him. Check out the fantastically long hallway.

The start (or is it towards the end already?) of the Great Wall of China walk from Jinshanling to Simatai. The weather was wonderful and it wasn’t too hot or too cold. The hike? Terribly tiring but it was well-worth the agony. ^_^

More to come when I finish downloading the stuff from Nil’s PC in Singapore!

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