First post of 2006…

I’m back…and am actually feeling under the weather. Am at work and suffering from jetlag. Huge amounts of it actually.

Lets see…

6.5 hours from Paris to Dubai.
2 hours in Dubai.
6.5 hours from Dubai to KL.

And then, 4.5 hours of sleep coupled with another 1.5 hours of half-awake sleep (if there is such a thing). Found myself at my workstation at 7:30 am and cursing myself to hell (and back) for not taking today off.


Oh…did I mention that I’m on a different timezone at the moment? GAHhhhhhhHHHHH.

(ps: I think I’ll go off early today, finish unpacking and take an early snooze tonight. Hm. Oh, pictures and more about my trip later [with some stories to tell too] – once Nil gets his bag delivered to him and unpacked.)

(pps: Somehow, nasi lemak just doesn’t taste as good as before. What’s wrong with my taste-buds? I think I’m officially hooked on French bread. ~_~ )

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