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Well folks, I thought I’d put up a notice of some sort.

I’ll be away from today onwards till 3rd January – at the time of this post, I would be already on board my flight to CDG (Paris) via Dubai and well, I doubt I’ll have anything to blog about during my vacation in Lyon as well. Have a good weekend/week ahead and come visit again after the New Year for pictures and recap of the holiday, ya?


*wavles bye bye*

(ps: There will be a surprise Christmas post after this, me thinks…but just in case you don’t see it…blessed Christmas!)

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  1. Wow…have a safe journey to France..bon voyage!!
    kiss some french cheese yeah…:)
    merry xmas to u..happy new year 2006!
    have fun and enjoy ur trip!:)

  2. have a great trip!!!!

    P.S. Are we expecting to hear about some bling blings???? Hmm.. not some but a particular bling bling :d

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