Christmas blues.

Contrary to popular belief, the only Christmasy right now in my house is the Christmas tree with the gawd-knows-how-old lights. I know, it is the season for festivities – yule logs, Christmas baubbles, Christmas tree, Christmas presents, Santa Clause, etc…


  • Mum is sick.
  • I am dead tired from the pile-up at work and exams for French.
  • Have yet to finish packing for the trip. (Have too many things to take there.)
  • Broke from buying presents. (Although parents gave me some cash for the trip. YAY!)
  • Dad wants an address for every single location that we are going to stay in France. -.-
  • The world is still too small.

And right now…I have a bloody migraine. NO, it’s not the time of the month and I’m hardly near it too.

Christmas joy? Oh humbug. Not right now.


(Don’t mind me. I’m too tired for witty banter.)

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