Suddenly they become strangers.

I am just going through one of those “I’m bored, so I’ll think of something useless” moments.

A thread I read somewhere on the Internet made me think about a few things, mainly about friendships and relationships; about how clique-ish people can be, and lastly, about how almost everyone wants comfort and familiarity when it comes to continuing and establishing relationships.

I made a couple of friends while I was with the ex. None of them were really close, a couple were quite nice and the rest were just acquintances. I didn’t think much of the fact that his friends found me too boisterious and aggressive for their liking. I didn’t care because a lot of them were, although, nice, suffering from insecurity and self-esteem issues as revealed by the ex then.

It was AFTER we parted ways that suddenly they become strangers. Suddenly nice people don’t really seem so nice. It was as if I never knew them in the first place.

The girl who two-timed her boyfriend suddenly becomes annoying selfish with her “we only live once”. The girl who calls herself pretty and cute but is never in a relationship for long. The guy who thinks he’s super smart and popular but everyone hates him.

They all become, oddly, silly, stupid, and hypocritical in my eyes.

What happened?

A friend of mine mentioned that it was because of their loyalty to my ex who was their friend first. Another said that it was because they were cliquish in nature. And the rest? Well, they just echoed the words “good riddance to bad rubbish”.

I will not say that I miss them. Would you miss the high school dramas and politics of a friendship that you were barely part of? Would you miss a friendship where individuals in it (apart from yourself) entertain you only because you were a girlfriend of their buddies?

It is just that I want to know why people act the way they do sometimes. Perhaps that will be my undoing.


(ps: I still find a lot of my ex’s friends annoying, childish and overly dramatic, not to mention arrogant. Why o’ why didn’t I take that as an indication to what he would have been like? ~_~)

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