The days have been slow.

I have been feeling lazy. So lazy that I am now resorting to simple (I think) sentence structures.

Don’t know why.

Maybe it has a little to do with me babysitting the house while Mum and Dad go trapsee-ing around Egypt.

Maybe it has something to do with me getting hooked on Sims 2 AGAIN. (And thus, losing precious hours of sleep to the bloody game.)

Maybe it has everything to do with the year-end festive mood.


I should put up my Christmas tree this weekend, even though I won’t be around. Shucks. That reminds me.

What should I get for my parents? Probably buy them stuff from France.

Bottle of good wine…cheese…


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  1. Ah well, we all have our slow days every now and then. That’s when we can at least take a breather. Don’t you think time seems to go a wee bit slower on rainy days?

    At the moment, however, I can seem to find enough hours during the day to finish up my work.

  2. whoops…if u havent read my contact msg, pls forgive my BAD eye sight for NOT noticing ur chat ID on MSN…d’oh!! I will add u on there. If you HAVE, then my sincere apologies for being a blind bat. 😉

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