Itch. Itch. Itch.

Just as I suspected.

My sotong allergy is back up again and this time with a vengence. Luckily I didn’t compound the problem by eating duck and drinking alcohol, otherwise the rash would be here again and I’d be itching like a monkey.

This morning’s nasi lemak proved to be my underdoing.

Anyway, right now, I’ve got the itchies – not bad ones but enough to get me all annoyed. Thankgawd it ain’t life-threatening.

So yeah.

No more sotong for now.

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  1. Hey folks! Am feeling much better now. Stopped itching the moment I went off sotong. It’s bad though coz I loveeeeeee sotong. T_T

    Rom: No need actually. I haven’t turned red and there ain’t any rash. It’s just the itchy that makes me all annoyed.

  2. Actually when I got bitten by mosquito , I thought the same too– just annoying itch and having been born in Malaysia.. accepted that as –u know part of life until my neighbours (drs) gave me some antihistamine..what a relief.

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