1) I’ve been busy with NaNo. Check out my progress here. As of several minutes ago, I hit 13.5K and hopefully will hit 15K by tonight. Tomorrow will be another long day. I think by the end of November, I’ll be bonkers.

2) Nil is in China, still alive and enjoying himself. He wrote a few emails and managed to catch me on MSN just now. I miss him. Another one and half weeks before I get to be in his arms again. I miss his hugs. :((

3) I’m home alone with Dad. It’s fun. Seriously. ๐Ÿ˜€

Okay okay…I’ve got to get back to writing. Be right back soon, I hope.

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  1. u get to b with nils in 1.5 weeks, i have to wait another at least 6 months more before i see ted again!!!! :((:((:((:((

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