Travel plans…

I missed out on the trip to Zhangjiejie this November. Nil’s going without me but with a collegue, who happens to be a friend of ours. (He was the one who got us together.) Time just didn’t permit for me to take another two days of unpaid leave just to go to China. Besides, I just started work la.

However, with my team leader’s approval, Nil and I went ahead with our plans for Christmas and got ourselves pretty nifty bargains on the recent Matta fair.


And it’s a big thing for me too. Because for the first time in my entire life, I’m going to Europe on my own expenses! No more parents forking out cash for the tour and etc. We’ll be flying with Emirates Airline and landing in Paris on 22 December. From there, we’ll head on to Lyon – his home – and spend most of our ‘vacation’ there. I’ll be back on 2 January 2006 and work starts the very next day. It is a short trip but honestly, who cares????

Oh yeah, I’ll be spending Christmas and New Year with his family and friends. It’s so nerve-wrecking yet exciting. Because…and I just found out yesterday…

We’ll be making a stop at Geneva too.

So make that Paris, Lyon AND Geneva.


Haven’t announced to my parents yet but I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Hi Mabel 🙂 How are you? This is Megan, ur x-student.
    I thought I’ll share in your excitement too as I am also traveling to Paris and Lyon \:d/
    hahaha… wat a coincidence!
    My bf is taking me there for my birthday <:-p v r leaving on the 26th November. This is my 1st trip to Europe too. I'm very excited, especially abt Disney Paris :d Hope you will have a fantastic trip and all the best when meeting Nil's family. Take care, cheers!

  2. Whee…

    Mei, that’s so cool!

    Heheh. I hope that you will enjoy your holidays with Nil and his family and yeah, have a great Christmas and New Year there!

    Have a great trip there. :d

  3. Paris and Lyon ? What a trip! Enjoy yourself to the FULLEST! I missed it when I was in London in 1996, thinking that I could make the next trip there. This was a BIG mistake: failing to SEIZE the chance within my grasp.

    So, my advice: DON’T sleep! USE every MOMENT, not hour, not minute, not second— every MOMENT– to absorb the WONDERS around there. You can catch your sleep AFTER the trip!

    Best regards.

    S.H. Huang

  4. Hi guys,

    Many thanks for the good wishes and all. I’m definately going to make the most of it! Too good an opportunity to waste. 🙂

    Will also be writing/blogging on my palm and hopefully, I’ll upload it onto this blog.

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