Can someone tell me how the hell did this happen? How people ended up disgracing themselves over a BLOG post? How people ended up in a perfect example of “pot calling the kettle black”?

This was NOT my idea of educating people.

Shameless. Just shameless.

Not to mention embarassing too.

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  1. How is it that everytime theres dispute shes always wailing that Malaysian persecuting Singaporean thing?? Frankly, I have read her posts, she is a poor example for the younger set– self centred, rude ,and racist. Any self respecting company would not use her as a spokesman or represenatative of their products.While I feel sorry that she lost an income but she could have made an effort to do a better job.

  2. Just a question: Aren’t we all self-centred, rude and racist to a certain degree? Don’t we all have a side that we don’t want people to know of, that people may see as ugly?

    I am not saying she wasn’t wrong but those who said and did what they did were wrong too. AND, IMHO, two wrongs doesn’t a right make.

  3. We can be anything we like, but as a public figures we’ll have to live with the consequences of that behavior.

  4. *agrees* But I still think the situation went really out of control.

    Hmm…maybe we should start redefining what “public figure” actually means. Sorry, media person in me talking.

  5. I guess it did go out of control with almost everyone fueling the fire and name calling. Again everyone has their different take on that and the /:) corporate person in me is less tolerant.:)

  6. I think it’s scary…for bloggers like me la. Never know what people may do if I blog about something and they don’t like it. :-s

  7. Hi mei,
    Frankly , you might get a few rare ” trouble makers ” who might pop in just for their kicks
    but other than that most people realise its your blog to rave and rant. However, if you had sponsors I’m sure your writings will be under more public scrutiny ( meaning people no longer see it as a personal blog but one representing the sponsoring company) I dont think you need to scared of writing in your blog as I find you’re a pretty responsible blogger.;)

  8. *sighs* Boyfriend says that too (and he thinks I’m being paranoid)…but you may just never know…

    So much for a relaxing time on the Internet.

  9. Hi dear, I love your blog and all, but when I read WTF I drew a blank… what is it? Who is that girl? Why did you get upset about it? What’s going on? It makes me confused…. and I’m already so sleepy…

    Good night!

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