Palm PDA anyone?

ME ME ME! Voila!

I like to think of this as my belated birthday present although I suspect Nil is going to throw a fit when he hears about it…or maybe not. The Bejewelled in it could be used to bribe him into not getting upset. *kekekeke*

Courtesy of Google Images

Note: This is not the actual picture of the product I got. My digi-cam is a bit wonky today so I googled for images instead. ^_^

I’ll admit one thing though. It was an on-the-spot purchase. One of those little bad habits that I’m trying to rid myself off. But that’s not the gist of this blog entry.

Now, I know it ain’t new or recent…but my heart was so set on it when I first laid eyes on it. It’s a second-hand PDA and serves my purpose just nicely. I’m looking forward to using it for another five years as I did with my old palm.

It’s a Palm Tungsten T and a new piece fetches around GBP299 (pounds for you). A couple of things that it features are really the old stuff if you’re a regular palm user. But for someone like me who finally decided to graduate from the Handspring Visor series, the colour screen, Bejewelled game (and more), memory, expansion slot for MMC/SD cards, Bluetooth (hmm), an internal rechargeable battery (the old one runs on AAA batteries) and other specs are enough to set my mind boggling.

Courtesy of Google Images

I have great plans for this little baby which I christened “Eleraine”. When the time comes and if I have spare cash, I plan to hook it up to a MMC/SC card and a foldable keyboard. Then I’ll be set for my further NaNo-ing and even non-NaNoing months. ^_^

What about my old PDA? Well, it, my Handspring Visor Platinum that I got (also second-hand in 2001/02) is now going to a friend – I can’t seem to get rid of it simply because no one wants it. It was already quite old (1 year, I think) when I bought it…so I doubt anyone would and could get any money out of it. My friend has never used a PDA before and he is game for any freebies, so I reckon he’ll be a good owner for my Platinum.

So goodbye Platinum, hello Tungsten.

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