Lets see.

I think I’ll blog in short sentences today. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I just don’t feel like doing anything else but listen to soundtracks – Miss Saigon, specifically – at maximum volume (well, louder than usual) and fool around with my blog.

Oops. That is SERIOUSLY one long sentence, IMHO, anyway. Oh bleh. Who am I kidding? Alright, back to the usual ramblings…

Went for a brisk walk with the dogs together for about twenty minutes – the first in gawd knows how long. French class was cancelled because there is a M’sian boarding school DELF exam going on in Seremban. I decided to leave work as per usual, reached home in about an hour and decided to move my legs for a bit.

After that it was dinner, followed by my regular TVB 7pm show. Didn’t feel like knitting. Didn’t even feel like playing Dungeon Siege II – there are a few things I wanted to settle in that darn computer game but I dunno. Just felt like doing nothing. Seriously nothing. Since 8pm till now, I have been tinkering around the web, looking for new pictures for my tag and finally settled on one really nicely drawn one. I think I’ll change them according to seasons…or perhaps every few months. Was tempted to do one blood red one to signify my Aunt visits but nah…it’ll probably scare of the male visitors. :devil:

I think I might hit the sack earlier. Je ne sais pas.

On the side, I’ve been busy with my plot for Of Us and Race. I think I’m officially nuts. Apart from the prologue and epilogue, I have a good 26 chapters and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any less. Otherwise, all is going good. I’m beginning to like my plot book. Been sticking stuff on it and better still, I got to doodle and draw stuff in 2B. Sketching. Something I haven’t done in ages…or at least since I was sixteen. I should take pictures of my plot book but never mind that.

NaNo is getting interesting although I think I might be getting overly gung-ho about the entire thing. Pfft. I wouldn’t call preping goodie bags with add-ons (can’t say on this blog coz some of them visit this place) getting overly gung-ho…neither is it posting up replies on the forum which I’m helping to moderate. O’well…

Hm. I think that’s it for now.

Oh…office is restricting Internet access – I have to be good this week, otherwise I could face the possibility of NO Internet access at all next week. So if you see me online on MSN but I’m away/busy, it also means “don’t buzz me otherwise I’ll get into deep shyet” kind of thing.

Bonne nuit!

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