Already 26.

Whoever said birthdays were supposed to be celebrated with a bang evidently doesn’t know how to appreciate quiet conversations with family members/partner/friends with coffee and cake on the side.

On a side note…


Time does fly by fast.

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  1. :d Happy Birthday Mei.Like you hubby and I love quiet birthdays with just the few special people in our lives.
    A friend of mine always throws a big bash for herself and unfortunately.. when the invite goes out all I hear from others are…ooo not again. ( she also drops very heavy hints on presents..)8-|

  2. i always find the quiet celebrations more memorable than the big bag ones. here’s to another great year of mei-ness and every possible wonderful thing that may come your way. blessings!

  3. Happy Birthday Mei, I may be late in wishing you but it’s better never. btw I celebrate 15/10 mine with my family at a Japanese buffet lunch.Yes time really flies.

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