While the radio is on…

I love listening to radio and I suspect that despite my ‘young’ age, I’m an oldie and a romantic. True red blooded one. Those old songs with meaning, those typically sweet yet tragic love songs, those love songs… Nil doesn’t share my music taste – he prefers rock-like tunes to the gentle melodic whispers I favour.

Oddly enough, I never suspected that I would one day have an ‘exciting’ discussion about singers, who sang what and where to find them on the Internet. Dad has about nearly twenty over CDs filled with Mp3s of all sorts. From theme songs to Christmas songs. It’s crazy.

I reckon I’ll have to put up a category called ‘Lyrics’ for stuff related to songs. O’well…just in case you’re wondering, if I put up the lyrics, it also means I have the Mp3.

Just ask. 😉

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