Fashionable to date Western men? Not anymore.

This just came in today’s Star. Couldn’t find the online version so I typed everything out here.

HONG KONG: Women here have stopped dating white westerners because they are no longer seen as fashionable and wealthy, a news report said yesterday.

Commentators here say having a white boyfriend is no longer a status symbol and that Hong Kong women prefer a Chinese partner, according to the Sunday Morning Post.

The newspaper quoted former BBC journalist and television pundit Chip Tsao who said that white men had begun to lose their appeal since the territory returned to Chinese rule in 1997. The white men left behind were inferior specimens more likely to be seen “clad in t-shirts, shorts and a pair of flip-flops” and living in rural houses where locals “used to house pigs”, Tso said.

He said: “They no longer have cars or property. You might end up stepping on a penniless landmine. It’s too much to sacrifice for a passport.”

The owner of a dating service here, told the newspaper that now, of 5,000 members, only one woman currently on her books had requested western men. – dpa

Now if only we can get ‘experts’ to claim the same of Malaysian women. That way, if we do date ang mohs we wouldn’t be seen as 1) prostitutes; 2) gold-diggers; 3) green-card (or similar) wannabes; and 4) loose women.

We’d just be unfashionable.

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  1. They might have had the ideal westerner incorrect back then, unfortunately, they still have it wrong. Assuming that is the general consensus anyway.

    Don’t people get together just because they like each other anymore?

  2. You think it’s idealistic to think that there are couples that actually like each other, and not what they have? It may be when we’re talking about people our age. But I’m certain my parents would disagree, as well as alot of my friend’s parents. Some people do like to be simply happy. Most people though put too much importance on materials or status, thinking that will give them happiness.

    Although, your article makes asian women look extremely greedy and selfish. I don’t think that you’re like that, but if they are like that where you live, than I can see why you’d think I’m being overly optimistic. It happens here too, but it’s not THAT bad.

  3. Mikey: People DO get together because they like each other but that reason is often just kept between themselves.

    It is not MY article that makes asian women look bad. It is the mentality of the society in which these women grew up in that makes them (and me) look bad.

    And JL is right to say that it’s naive to assume that people think that first before anything else when they see an inter-racial pairing. More often than not, they don’t and that’s the sad reality that we live in.

    My article was meant to be sarcastic, pointing to the stupid needless act of labelling people who chose to date outside their race. Those list of ‘labels’ which I gave were exactly the same ones I got when I stood up for my own relationship in another blog that wrote about white men dating asian women.

    Amongst others, I was told that I was only dating white men because Asian men don’t want me. 8-|

    I have lots to say about this topic…maybe I should blog about it. :d

  4. i think that is a very insulting report about women.
    on another note, im thinking the western men in her 5000 member list must be repulsive, if they were pleasant they wouldnt need matchmaking services in the 1st place.

  5. Din: I touch type at the speed of 80 wpm. It’s easy-pieasy. :d

    Kimberly: Well, you’d be surprised at what sort of people use dating services in the first place. And yes, that report was disgusting to read. ~_~ The Star got it from dpa – this dutch press agency.

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