Knitting Project 1

You remember the yarns Nil got for me – my supposed birthday presents? Well, I finished one of my knitting projects. Am starting on another one now as part of my Christmas present bundle to France. But right now, here are the pictures (taken with Nil’s Canon Powershot A75)!

Feathers No 30

Panda Woolbale No118

Mix the two together and knit all the way. This is the result:

The fuzzy green scarf

A close-up of the scarf

I’ll be using this for my wintery trip to Lyon in December so you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s super fuzzy and warm. 😀

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  1. wah!! so nice!!!! \:d/ goin to frace for xmas? how nice! 🙂 i oso wanna goooooooooo!!!! :((

    😉 happy knitting!! i know how HOOKED my mum got when she started, couldnt stop to sleep or eat! it’s VERY addicting i hear. true or not? i gave up half way – talk abt addicting…:)>-

  2. Yvy: Yeah…going but it costs me nearly RM2.5K and more once I take into consideration the money I have to change to euros for shopping. 😉

    Rom: Thankies. Just doing something I like mah. :”>

    Hannah: I first learnt through this little pamphlet I got at Lincraft in Australia. Then I found this niffy site online which has patterns and stuffs – – try it! It’s fun! Getting the yarn is a problem though.

  3. you might also be interested in a Yahoo Group called “knitlist”. Unfortunately it’s very oriented to the US, so most of the discussion could be quite irrelevant to us but you do on the odd occassion, and I stress odd, get a nice pattern or two…!

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