Overwhelming or is it just love?

Note: The following are some of the personals experiences and observations that I’ve made of many couples (and former couples). They do not, in any way, represent a single person or a group of people.

When is it love? When is it overwhelming? When do our actions, words, demands and emotions become too much for our partners to bear? When and where do we draw the line between being lovingly affectionate and just darn ole’ suffocating? When is it being trusting and when is it being taken for a ride? When is it being demanding and when is it being a doormat?

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Travel plans…

I missed out on the trip to Zhangjiejie this November. Nil’s going without me but with a collegue, who happens to be a friend of ours. (He was the one who got us together.) Time just didn’t permit for me to take another two days of unpaid leave just to go to China. Besides, I just started work la.

However, with my team leader’s approval, Nil and I went ahead with our plans for Christmas and got ourselves pretty nifty bargains on the recent Matta fair.


And it’s a big thing for me too. Because for the first time in my entire life, I’m going to Europe on my own expenses! No more parents forking out cash for the tour and etc. We’ll be flying with Emirates Airline and landing in Paris on 22 December. From there, we’ll head on to Lyon – his home – and spend most of our ‘vacation’ there. I’ll be back on 2 January 2006 and work starts the very next day. It is a short trip but honestly, who cares????

Oh yeah, I’ll be spending Christmas and New Year with his family and friends. It’s so nerve-wrecking yet exciting. Because…and I just found out yesterday…

We’ll be making a stop at Geneva too.

So make that Paris, Lyon AND Geneva.


Haven’t announced to my parents yet but I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Can someone tell me how the hell did this happen? How people ended up disgracing themselves over a BLOG post? How people ended up in a perfect example of “pot calling the kettle black”?

This was NOT my idea of educating people.

Shameless. Just shameless.

Not to mention embarassing too.

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Palm PDA anyone?

ME ME ME! Voila!

I like to think of this as my belated birthday present although I suspect Nil is going to throw a fit when he hears about it…or maybe not. The Bejewelled in it could be used to bribe him into not getting upset. *kekekeke*

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Is honesty really the best policy?

Over Light & Easy this morning, a man related his story of how he told his wife before they were married everything under the sun about his previous relationships. He wanted to start with a clean, fresh slate. The Mrs was alright with it but the man begin to notice some things. For example, after a night ‘date’ with his buddies, he gets interogated with all sorts of questions and so forth. The man feels that he made a huge mistake in revealing all to his wife, therefore turning his past into a weapon to incite guilt and etc.

The question asked was should people tell everything to their partners when it comes to talking about past relationships. Is honesty really the best policy?

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Lets see.

I think I’ll blog in short sentences today. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I just don’t feel like doing anything else but listen to soundtracks – Miss Saigon, specifically – at maximum volume (well, louder than usual) and fool around with my blog.

Oops. That is SERIOUSLY one long sentence, IMHO, anyway. Oh bleh. Who am I kidding? Alright, back to the usual ramblings…

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Already 26.

Whoever said birthdays were supposed to be celebrated with a bang evidently doesn’t know how to appreciate quiet conversations with family members/partner/friends with coffee and cake on the side.

On a side note…


Time does fly by fast.

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