Should I?

I did it a year ago with a half-baked storyline and a few lovable characters (or at least I thought they were lovable). I managed to do it despite being away for two weeks in the month of November AND being saddled with heaps of work. It was crazy, it was fun and I even came out in the papers! 😀

But…should I do it again this year?

NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – is when you go word-crazy and complete a 50,000 word novel in one month. The goal is not to churn out the most grammatically correct, wonderfully structured piece of fiction/non-fiction that you’ve ever worked on BUT to finish a project. Most wannabe writers out there (and even seasoned ones) know what it’s like to go through a writer’s block and have a piece sitting in a corner gathering dust and obviously unfinished.

The trouble is I have yet to think up a really funky plot with decent characters – and I can just foresee me not having enough time (and stamina) to write at nights (what with French classes – and homework – plus settling down in a new job). The idea to start planning now is very tempting…after all, I am honest enough to admit that this will, perhaps, be the only time I’ll ever get down and serious with my writing.

So far, I’m kinda slanting towards sci-fiction (AGAIN) but I’m hoping that with some of the books I recently purchased, I’ll pick a different genre (no chick flick or hard core romance though) to work in. Gack. I so hate making decisions like this sometimes. I am never the type who enjoys starting something only to leave it hanging…and neither am I the type who enjoys starting off things with the full knowledge that I’ll have problems with it (and not be able to do anything about it). It’s terrible!


So…should I do it?

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  1. Mei,

    I’ve heard about NaNoWriMo too. And was debating within myself whether to join it or not. I think it is a good opportunity and perhaps you should take part in it once again?


  2. The trouble is I’m not too gungho about it and I have yet to come up with a useable storyline AND characters. It’s so annoying. X(

    Plus that mention in the papers was under a psuedonym. :p

  3. Go for it! You did it once last year, you can do it again this time round. Think of the achievement last year as an encouragement to try it again this year. Although I still haven’t read a single word of your entry last year, it must be really good for you to win right? You still have some time to plan out a plot and the characters and what nots so go for it!

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