Down and out…

Was going to blog about some stuff today (and yesterday as well) but it would appear that I caught the flu from either my colleague or Mum. :((

The throat is scratchy, I’ve been sneezing and I feel a bit colder than before – not to mention, I can’t seem to decide what I want to eat for dinner…or lunch…or breakfast. It’s annoying.

Plus did I mention that my first year anniversary is this weekend? Bleh. I hate getting sick during the beginnings of a new job. 🙁

Looks like I’ll be out for the next few days – sorry folks.

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  1. quickly!! go buy vit c!!! stuff em’ down n it will b under control. i got the sniffles on tuesday, quickly went to buy those chewable ones coz they taste SO much better n popped 2 the minute i got home (500mg ones) n it made me feel a WHOLE lot better. the flu nvr came but just itchy nose. better than a runny one. 🙂 quickly!! go buy….:) take 2 first then later in the day take one. anything more than that would b useless.

  2. Hey Mei,

    I hope that you will get better soon. And yeah, just like what Yvy has said get some Vit C. Even the soluble one, Rexodon is not bad.

    Cheers! Get well soon.

  3. Hey all,

    Many thanks for your advice and well-wishes. No, I didn’t take MC neither did I sleep much over the weekend. Gack.

    I DID down a lot of water and Ribena. 😆 Will blog about the episode much later in the day. Right now, I’m at work – at the most ungodly of hours – and it’s going to be a very very busy day.


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