New things you can do…

…at this blog anyway.

As you can see, I have made several changes to the blog (and will continue to do so until I’m satisfied). First up, you have gravatars and a live preview of how your comments will look. The usual tagging such as bold, italise, blockquote can be used…and together with that, I have now changed the smilies to Yahoo smilies.

If you need to refer to the ‘cheats’ on the smilies, here is the link. Follow as per instructed, ‘k?

What are the smilies available?

🙂 😉 😀 :p :devil: 😆 :”> …and a whole lot more!

Apart from that, there is also a form that you can use to contact me – instead of going to your email account and sending me a note from there. Just go to the header bar above and click on contact. It’s that simple. You can use it for many reasons – to help me do some bug-spotting (problems, that is, with this blog), suggest topics for me to discuss about OR just to chat with me!

Btw, don’t forget to read the disclaimer while you’re here, k? Have fun!!!!

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  1. Mei,

    Sounds cool all the changes that you’ve done for your new home and love the smilies. So nice and cute.

    I like this blog. Really nice. Honestly. 🙂


  2. fuhyoo!!! dahsyat nyer….i like ur set up a lot. i think i mentioned it b4. i just got my domain. now waiting to set it up. 🙂

  3. Kyels: Many thanks. I think you set up your blog pretty well too. 😀

    Yvy: You have the address set up already? Maybe I can drop by and pay ya a visit! 😉

  4. hehehe!! 😀

    mei : site is being set up. sifu centerpide is helping me. hehehe! 🙂

    centerpide : oi, say my timon!! i wallap u, den you know…!! humph…:P *cannot scold so much then if sifu bail on me, die!*

    kyels : tq, tq!

    when site is up n ready, i shall proclaim it to the whole world, errrhmm….i mean, you all la. 😀

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