The NaNoWriMo craze!

Yup, that’s right.

The NaNoWriMo craze is back in town again and this time, I bet ya, it’s bigger than ever! Now before I go on with it, lets just get the basics out in the air…

NNWM, as we crazy Nanoers call it, is the abbreviation for National Novel Writing Month. It happens every year between October and November, but usually the real thing starts 1st of November.

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YAY for Yarn!

Last week, I got Nil to get some yarn for me – since I don’t have any scarves for my impending trip to France. He gave me a call when he was in Spotlight and we picked yarns – with me on the Internet looking at the brand catalogue and him in the store.

We ended up with nearly 15 balls of yarn. Here are a few pictures of the stuff he bought – which incidently, he claims, is my birthday pressie. 😐

First up, I must apologize for the quality of the pictures. My camera has gone kaput and I had to settle for Mum’s, which IMHO, is not so good. I really need a new camera. *hint hint*

My ‘birthday’ pressie! 😀

In between the brownish-green yarns (on the right) and blueish-green yarns (on the left) is my current knitting project – a scarf with 2 knits and 1 purl stitches. Very lovely texture. Knitted with one 5mm needle and one 9mm needle to give it a more loose (but not too loose) feel.

The scarf (left), Woolball (middle) and Feathers (right)

Three balls of Patons Feathers No 30 with two balls of Panda Woolball 50 gm No 118. Feathers has a short soft eyelash texture to their yarns and is 65m long, while Woolball is a little on the coarse side and is 92m long. My scarf is currently about six inches wide and I’m planning to use up everything and make it to about six feet or more long.

Scandal (left) and Rhumba (right)

Five balls of Panda Rhumba No 8661 with four balls of Panda Scandal No 48. Rhumba has a very delicate yet soft long eyelash texture to it and is 36m long (which explains why I need about five balls). Scandal has a more bumpy, loopy-like texture and is 46m long.

All the yarns above except for Patons are around SGD5 per ball. Patons Feathers retailed for around SGD6 per ball – which is considered cheap when you discover that these brands and textures do not exist in M’sia – to my knowledge anyway. Even if they do, they are around RM40 to RM80…hardly worth a buy, actually.

The grand total? Nil rounded it up to SGD80. Not bad for 14 balls of yarn, eh?

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Se7en tag…

This is the latest craze to go around the Malaysian blogsphere…the se7en tag…gawd only knows who started it but I got tagged by a fellow knitting fan (or at least I like to think of him as a fan). Never mind that I totally hate the fact that he has 24/7 access to one of the best places to buy yarn. And never mind that I totally hate the fact that he is in Australia, a few hours away from Sydney.

So this is just for him

Seven things you plan to do before you die:

  • Definitely get a proposal (and marriage – I see it as something that goes hand in hand)
  • Write Publish a novel.
  • Go to New Zealand, ALL of Europe, Latin America and Canada at least once — if I die young – touchwood – this will be so unachievable :-S
  • Start a family of my own — I hope to get twins but I’ll settle for a boy and a girl.
  • Do some volunteer work with an NGO that specializes in either 1) animals or 2) a social cause (like illiteracy, sex education or poverty)
  • Build my own library
  • Be happy and grateful for all that I have and lost (hey, everything happens for a reason, y’know?)

Seven things I could do:

  • Be less to anger and slow to speak BUT quick to listen and understand
  • Get back to writing AND knitting
  • Exercise more, quit getting stressed out at work and well, relax more.
  • Cook and bake more.
  • Start working on my rusting photography skills
  • Sleep more! 😀
  • Meet my friends more often AND regularly too.

Seven celebrity crushes:
Like him, I don’t really have celebrity crushes but for the sake of this tag…

Seven often repeated words:
I don’t care what you think/say but I’m putting in phrases!

  • Shyet
  • Damn
  • Yeah.
  • Anyways or anyway
  • So how la
  • Cheri…
  • Awww….

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:

  • Eyes — he’s got to have great looking eyes, or at least I find them great looking.
  • Nice built – not too skinny and not too fat (a small belly is fine tho…)
  • Broad shoulders
  • Taller than me
  • Preferably clean shaven but I’ll settle for stubble too.
  • SHORT HAIR but not bald.
  • Nice big warm hands…

Seven tags go to:
Well, for starters, I have no idea who to tag so I’ll simply mention names and secondly, I don’t even know if they visit this blog. :-S

So…is it your turn?

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Should I?

I did it a year ago with a half-baked storyline and a few lovable characters (or at least I thought they were lovable). I managed to do it despite being away for two weeks in the month of November AND being saddled with heaps of work. It was crazy, it was fun and I even came out in the papers! 😀

But…should I do it again this year?

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Down and out…

Was going to blog about some stuff today (and yesterday as well) but it would appear that I caught the flu from either my colleague or Mum. :((

The throat is scratchy, I’ve been sneezing and I feel a bit colder than before – not to mention, I can’t seem to decide what I want to eat for dinner…or lunch…or breakfast. It’s annoying.

Plus did I mention that my first year anniversary is this weekend? Bleh. I hate getting sick during the beginnings of a new job. 🙁

Looks like I’ll be out for the next few days – sorry folks.

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