What it is like…

…coming to work super early…

Or at least, early to me.

Here I am at the office during the hour when, at my previous workplace, most people would be at home, preparing to leave or even be on their journey to work. The only person I knew then who would be at the office was Sham or several of my other colleagues from the American Degree Program). Half of the staffroom would start walking in only after 8:15am.

Yet here, as I was driving to work, listening to Light & Easy‘s Caroline and Richard, I begin to really enjoy the idea of the fresh morning air (the haze has made it quite a rarity actually) and the thoughts of the birds chirping as I type away on my PC.

No stuffy aircon at the office, no truckloads of exhaust, no busy city noise…

Just the crickets, birds and cool silence of the morning at Cyberjaya.

When you’re are city girl like me, you’ll settle for anything that reminds you of the thing that you love best – the quiet cool mornings – like the ones I had regularly when I was still a student in Sydney – when the birds are singing as if their songs were tokens of worship to the new dawn…when the air was fresh and crispy…when all you could do was just drown in it and willingly too.

Everyone should go to work early – at least once in their lifetime (but then again, if your office is IN the middle of the city, the experience could very well be completely different.


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