Apologies upfront

It would appear that my new job has me too tired out to blog at night – not to mention the fact too busy (and enchanted) to blog during working hours too. The training sessions have been keeping me away from this blog and ultimately, the Internet. And it will continue to do so until early September.

I’m in the midst of learning XML, Epic Editor and Sigmalink in order for me to sub-edit in my job. So far, today’s training session went well – I was happy to ace it (with positive feedback given to my team leader – who just informed me that she’s counting on me AFTER the training is over) yet apprehensive since I didn’t want to see like everyone else sucked at what they were doing. Must be the Asian mentality in me – “do not outshine other people lest they look at you strangely”.

Anyway, having done all that…I guess I’m tired out yet exhilirated to know that I don’t have to bring work back home (for now) – even the emails! New opportunities, new chances, new things to learn – it’s very overwhelming.


It is quite bad…simply because whatever I observe and desire to blog about just flitters away into thin air. I’d blame it on the travelling to and fro from work as well as the lack of time I have to spent on the Net. I still have French homework to work on – have yet to start on that one. Can’t afford the late nights anymore simply because I have to get up early to prepare breakfast AND lunch (yes, I bring lunch to work) – not to mention do my housechores (laundry mostly), spend whatever little time I have chatting with Nil AND preparing for the next workday.

So yeah… apologies upfront for the lack of updates and interesting musings.

Oh…did I mention that my new office is freezing cold??? I think I’ll bring a windbreaker to work tomorrow. *brrr* Funny how everyone looks like they are in a four season country when they’re in the office.

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