Tired out.

I got up at 6am and left at around 7am this morning…and arrived at work around 8:45am. This country never ceases to fail me despite my best efforts to think the very best of it.

The bus that was supposed to come never came and I had to wait half an hour for another bus – I was lucky though. I didn’t have to pay RM10 for a cab to make it on time to work. Otherwise, I should have been in the office about half an hour earlier.

I left the office at 5:40pm…and arrived home at 7:15pm. It took me nearly twenty minutes to walk to the place where the bus goes (simply because someone was stupid enough to think that the bus ought to do a loop and not go back to where it dropped you off to pick you back up again). It was late too. ~_~

Sorry but I’m really tired and tomorrow will be another long day. Gack.

Oh…I met with an accident in Hanoi but Nil and I are good. Just lacerations and a couple of biggish scabs. More about it another day, ‘k?

Bleh…I have this horrible stomachache which makes me want to puke. *goes green*

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