Malaysian Idols?

I never was quite an Idol follower – at least after I returned from Australia anyway. I was there throughout Guy Sebastian’s journey to become the first Australian Idol (there were two other serious contenders for the title towards the last leg of the race – one of them pulled out due to a vocal/throat problem – I suspect she would have won if she’d carried on) and the show was a great watch. There were remarkable voices and talent displayed on stage and there were hardly any complaints about the entire show. You could say that each singer in the final 12/11 was a favourite and the reasons were good.

Last Friday’s episode and the follow-up results show reminded me about something; about why I stopped watching Malaysian Idol altogether. I was stumped at first and then I just shrugged it off to one of those crazy Malaysian things. The show, the sound, the voting system…all of it is just…crazy.

Half of the time I don’t understand what Fauziah is talking about – “tingkatkan lagi style” (what the heck does that mean?) – and Dad bought up a good point. Why do they always have to start with Roslan? Can’t they tinker around with the sequence or is the cameraman that lazy (no offense to all cameramen out there)? And the idea of one person having multiple vote opportunities – come on…that’s just like going to an election with the regulation that says you can vote more than once. Do you see what will happen?

Yup. Disaster.

That’s what this show is all about.


If one person had one vote to themselves, the possibility of us seeing shit like Trish and Atilia going off would be less. Ejay and Ash’s fans wouldn’t have the opportunity to go trigger-crazy and start sending SMS messages to save their ‘idols’. The results would have been more ‘fair’ – so to speak.

A Malaysian Idol is suppose to be versatile and that means being able to sing in a couple of languages flawlessly. A Malaysian Idol is suppose to have character, personality, charisma. A Malaysian Idol is suppose to inspire this reaction from majority of the people – WOW! – and not WTF.

I look at the remaining nine people left on board and I go WTF.

Ash: Wannabe rock-star who lacks in character and the x-factor. I see nothing great about him.

Adam: One language, and believe you me, that will not help him break OUT of Malaysia. Besides, there is something about him that makes it difficult to market – maybe he needs to be a bit more masculine.

Azam: Hate the hair. Hate the face. Hate the voice. Maybe he’s cute for a Malay but honey, if you can’t sing in English, forget about being an Idol. Oh…was he the guy that botched up that English song and made his partner cry like nobody’s business on national TV?

Faizull (rocker): One language. One style. How the hell are we going to market a Malay rocker in the international market but or less Asia Pacific? Plus, excuse you me but I don’t recall seeing any plump rockers out therer…hm.

Farah: Pretty but not consistent. First starts off great and then fumbles. Don’t think we need an Idol who can’t make an effort to be a little bit more consistent. Voice-wise? Nothing spectacular.

Xerra (pink hair): Paul was right. If it wasn’t for the pink-hair, we would have all forgotten about her.

Ejay: She seriously needs to dye her hair back to brown to take her out of the Ah Lian mode. And the English? Ohgawd. The last thing we need is a person who thinks she’s singing English when half of the English speak population can’t even understand her. No. We have enough of that from our so-called supermodels and beauty pageant winners.

Nina: Height does not go hand in hand with talent.

Daniel: No voice. No face (I would like to think that I’m looking at a man, not a woman with short short hair). Gives me the shivers when he tries to be all seductive. *shudders*

Honestly, I don’t see any of them as potential stars. No character. No voice. No versatility. No personality. If this is the line-up leading to the Malaysian Idol, then frankly, it is no wonder that our fair city, KL, are not even listed on the weather line up of CCTV and CNN (much or less our people). We are and will be forgettable – some bits anyway.

The only person I saw with personality was Trish and even then, Trish has limitations of her own – I should know, I taught her when she was in KDU. She is a great kid, has lots of talent – her voice is wonderful – but there are only a couple of songs that suit her style, namely hip-hop or even R&B.

Someone should do something about the fiasco of a reality show called Malaysian Idol.

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